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Trending Now: Puff Hairstyles

February 14, 2022

2 Min read

If there’s one thing that puff hairstyles are, it’s versatile. Perfect for tight curls (like 4a, 4b, and 4c), this look embraces natural texture while also offering an easy choice for styling in-between washes and protective styles. In fact, puff hairstyles embrace volume and are perfect for those who enjoy restyling their hair and extending wash day since defined curls aren’t necessary to make this style work. Although this look is simple, it looks effortlessly pulled together and can range anywhere from sleek and elegant to artistic and editorial. A bonus: puff hairstyles do not necessarily require a lengthy detangling session, which helps minimize hair breakage and damage.

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This style embraces the natural texture of curly and coily hair and is sometimes even referred to as “afro puffs” because of its resemblance to smaller afros. The individualized nature of puff hairstyles means that they work on practically any length of hair and the volume of the puffs can be pretty catered to your liking.

Even though there are many different versions of this style the base is the same. Start by smoothing the roots of the hair with a brush or a comb and pull it into a ponytail or ponytails with a tight band or hair tie. Then fluff the ponytail to the volume that you desire. From here you can add accessories to personalize the look to suit your style. Here are a few different inspiration pics to get you started.