12 Quick Hairstyle Tutorials According to Your Hair Type

Some days it feels like we barely have time to put our clothes on before rushing out the door to work. And even for gals who aren’t technically in a rush, not everyone is interested in spending hours on their hair. Whatever your thing is, for mornings or evenings when your hair is literally the last thing on your mind, it helps to have a couple quick and easy hairstyles in your arsenal ready to go. No matter what your hair type is, check out these twelve quick hairstyles to get you started. 

 Need help figuring out your hair type? This article can help with that, too. We’ve put together this ultimate roundup of YouTube tutorials for you to follow along with.

Table of Contents

    Type 1

    90’s inspired blow outs and off duty model ponies? Straight hair folks don’t have to settle for basic when looking for something quick and easy!

     Type 2

    At your fingertips–all the ways you could possibly want to weave a colorful scarf into your waves. These are those special kinds of styles that look chic but actually require minimum technical know-how. Also, sometimes a quick and easy hairstyle for waves can just be about making your hair wavier. Simplicity for the win!

    Type 3

    For the curly q’s out there: braided styles, deep side parts, and fun twisted up-do’s. Don’t worry, they truly aren’t as difficult as they sound. The proof is in the pudding, er, tutorials.

    Type 4

    Whether you want a sleek look, extra volume, or defined curls, these three tutorials are perfect go-to’s for type four hair. Combine routines to elevate the curls in your sleek bun. The sky’s the limit!

    Which of these quick hairstyles will you be adding to your routine next? Let us know in the comments below!