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The Dos and Don’ts of Recycling Aerosols

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Archana Ram
February 20, 2020
Home Hair Tips How-To The Dos and Don’ts of Recycling Aerosols

We pride ourselves in having created an effective dry shampoo that’s not just customized to your hair needs, but one that’s housed in a non-aerosol container. Like we’ve said, aerosols can come with a long list of environmental and health hazards, so it was important for us to do our part to offer a cleaner option to our beauty-loving community.

That said, we know you might have some lingering aerosol cans around the house, whether it’s hair product, olive oil or bug spray. But did you know you can recycle aerosols? The cans are typically made of either aluminum or steel, two recyclable materials that can be repurposed into new cans or other products.

Here’s a handy guide to recycling aerosols, with tips from Earth911:

Do: Empty it out.

Trying to recycle an aerosol can that still has product isn’t just wasteful—it’s dangerous. Since aerosols contain pressurized compounds, you run the risk of the can exploding in the bin. To ensure it’s 100% done, rattle the can to listen for liquid and test-spray to ensure nothing comes out. If you can’t empty it, you’ll have to notify your local recycling program and have the can recycled as “household hazardous waste,” or HHW.

Don’t: Prick a hole in the can.

If you can’t finish the can, never puncture a hole into it. Since it’s pressurized, the can could explode.

Do: Check before you recycle that cap.

Not all recycling programs will accept plastic caps, whether it’s from a water bottle or an aerosol can. Check with your local program before tossing it into that blue bin. That said, do not try to pluck off the plastic nozzle from the can, which could result in an explosion. A professional will handle that during the recycling process.

Don’t: Throw it in the garbage.

It’s easy to forget, but throwing an aerosol can into the trash can be bad news at the landfill where the container could explode during the crushing process.

Do: Figure out if an aerosol is considered HHW.

You’re ready to recycle, but can you throw empty aerosol cans into your curbside bin along with soda cans and other aluminum or steel? Some towns and cities say yes, while other areas call for separate disposal. Contact your local center to make sure you’re making the right move.

This is the starting point. Find your city’s recycling program with Earth911’s Recycling Center Search to learn what you can take curbside, what requires special disposal, and more.



Once you dispose of your old aerosol dry shampoo properly, pick up a powder alternative that’s also customized just for you here.


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