8 Benefits of Rose Hip Oil for Hair & Skin

If you’re looking for ways to improve dry skin or dull, brittle hair, it might be time to consider adding rose hip oil to your beauty routine. Derived from flowering rose plants, this oil is a clean, vegan option. Rose hip oil benefits both skin and hair, delivering nourishing ingredients where you need them most.

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    What Is Rose Hip Oil?

    Rose hip oil is a light, nourishing oil that comes from the fruit — also called the hip — of rose plants. These small pods contain the seeds of the rose. Left alone, they dry out and disperse the seeds.

    To produce the oil, manufacturers harvest the pods before the seeding process begins. Then, they extract oil from the seeds, usually with a cold press.

    You can find it as a standalone moisturizer. It’s also a key ingredient in certain essential oil blends and clean beauty products.

    Top Rose Hip Oil Benefits

    When you’re looking for plant-based beauty products to support your hair goals, rose hip oil is a natural choice. Because it contains multiple vitamins and moisturizers, this gentle oil offers a number of benefits for your skin and hair. Thanks to the lightweight consistency, it doesn’t look greasy or weigh down your hair.

    1. Increases Shine

    This oil is rich in fatty compounds called lipids. When you apply it to your scalp and hair, these lipids help restore the body’s natural moisture barrier. This sealant layer locks in hydration, improving the texture and fullness of your hair and skin. 

    Increased moisture levels also flatten the rough edges on each strand of hair. That way, your hair is better able to reflect the light and create high-intensity luster and shine.

    2. Improves Elasticity

    When your hair is dry or damaged, it tends to be weak and prone to splitting. The linoleic acids in rose hip oil increase elasticity, so strands can stretch and snap back without breaking.

    Improved elasticity makes all hair types look healthier. The effects are particularly noticeable for curly hair — a higher recovery rate helps each curl hold its shape after combing and styling.

    3. Nourishes Hair and Skin

    Linoleic acid is a critical nutrient that works at the cellular level. As your body takes it in, the acid reinforces the structure of cell membranes. It also enables cells to use other nutrients efficiently for better overall health.

    Over time, the linoleic acid in rose hip oil strengthens your hair and skin from the inside out. You may notice that your hair feels less brittle, and your skin feels plump and fresh.

    4. Makes Other Haircare and Skincare Products More Effective

    At the molecular level, rose hip oil has a similar structure to your skin’s natural oils. As a result, the body can absorb it quickly. This unique property makes it a high-quality carrier oil — a substance that helps dilute and transport other active ingredients.

    That’s why you often find this oil in other haircare and skincare products, including Prose custom hair oil. It helps nutrients, moisturizers and vitamins penetrate deep under the surface.

    5. Soothes the Scalp and Controls Flakes

    The fatty acids in rose hip oil, along with vitamin E and anthocyanin, are known to reduce inflammation levels in the body. When applied topically, these ingredients can calm scalp discomfort or itching.

    If you’re dealing with flakes caused by an irritated scalp, the soothing effect of it can bring relief. As the anti-inflammatory properties kick in, you may notice a decrease in flakiness and itching.

    6. Makes Hair Look Fuller

    Rose hip oil is packed with the antioxidants that occur naturally in the seeds and fruit. Research shows that when you apply antioxidants to your scalp, it can make your hair look fuller.

    Antioxidants also improve the condition of your scalp by reinforcing its protective barrier. This helpful layer shields your skin from harmful substances such as pollutants, improving long-term skin and hair health.

     7. Encourages Hair Growth

    Several factors promote faster hair growth — namely, a healthy scalp and strong strands. As rose hip oil moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes your hair and skin, it creates the ideal conditions for growth.

    It works best as part of a holistic approach to body, hair and skin health. You can support the process by eating a nutritious diet, taking doctor-recommended hair growth supplements and avoiding heat styling.

    8. Helps Reduce Visible Signs of Aging

    Rose hip oil benefits aging skin, largely due to its high concentration of vitamin A. In scientific studies, this nutrient has proven effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines.

    Researchers found that when applied regularly, vitamin A can stimulate collagen production. This process strengthens the connective tissues in the skin, creating a more youthful look. It may also help slow the formation of additional lines.

    When you’re looking for ways to restore moisture and elasticity to your skin and hair, rose hip oil is one potential solution. To create a formula that’s customized to your unique needs, take the Prose hair consultation today.

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