Trending Now: Skunk Hair

Move over wolf cut, there is another animal inspired hair trend on the prowl. 

It’s edgy, it’s giving Cruella Deville but in a much more accessible way – it’s skunk hair. Yes, those cute and temperamental little black and white critters have their very own hairstyle. But while it’s easy to guess why skunk hair is named after the animal, like any trending style it’s evolved to be even chicer than nature intended. Skunk hair is a perfect combination of some of our favorite trends: bold contrasted highlights with shaggy layering.

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    What is skunk hair?

    The latest iteration is blowing up on TikTok, and is inspired by the recent hair debut of one of our favorite celeb singers. Can you guess who? Platinum blonde on the crown and sides with an “under layering” of deep dark black, this trend is reminiscent of early 2000’s high contrast color ways. With the heavy under layers of color, this particular iteration of skunk hair takes all the fun of the black and white contrast without the striped bands. The result is a two tone skunk hair that looks great shown off in a ponytail, or maybe we should call it skunk-tail? 

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    Skunk Hair Inspiration

    If you’re not into the early 00’s platinum with black, it’s safe to say that any high contrast color combo can work for those wanting to customize skunk hair. A deep blue or purple perhaps? Come to think of it, you can also change up the location of those highlights. Go for the chunky bands of color, if you really want to lean into the 00’s look! For something a bit more familiar, try out the “money piece,” a super trendy highlight technique that in this case, would involve a thick band of face framing color. Whatever you do – don’t forget the high contrast. It just wouldn’t be skunk hair without it. 

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    Chances are, if you’re not already platinum, going super light or dark to achieve said contrast might be better left to a professional. While you’re in there, ask for layering. A little shag is just what you need to fully achieve the scruffy (in a good way) skunk hair look.  

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