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The Best Products for Coarse Hair

August 21, 2018

1 Min read

Understanding your hair type is important as it allows you to know the styles, routines and products that work best for your needs and goals. Coarse hair (which can be straight, curly or kinky) has unique attributes that, like all hair types, needs proper TLC to be at its healthiest.


The term “coarse” does not refer to curly or kinky texture. Though it is true that hair can be both coarse and curly, the two are not synonymous. Coarse hair is also different from full, or thick hair, as it does not refer to the overall density of the hair, but to the thickness of each individual strand. This means that you could have low density and coarse hair, or high density and fine hair. If you’re curious to better understand your hair type, compare the thickness of a single strand to the thickness of a sewing thread. If the strand of hair is thicker than the thread, it’s safe to say that you’re working with coarse hair. This is because unlike thin or medium hair, coarse hair contains all three layers of the hair shaft: cortex, cuticle and medulla. Now that you’ve identified your hair type, here’s how you can achieve the best results for styling, and overall health.


1. Sulfate-free shampoo: Sulfates are the number one culprit when it comes to hair dryness which is often a common complaint in those with coarse hair. Try a product with water-soluble surfactants. The ones used in your Prose formulas are derived from coconuts and amino acids, to gently cleanse and rebalance the hair without stripping.

2. Hydrating conditioner: Build a restorative conditioner into your wash day routine at least once a week for smoother, more manageable strands.

3. Mask-hot towel combo: When used in conjunction with a great hair mask, a hot towel wrapped around wet, product-saturated hair helps to open the cuticle, letting products penetrate and repair more deeply than they could on their own.

4. Wide tooth comb: A must-have in your medicine cabinet, a wide tooth comb allows you to detangle gently, without stressing or ripping hair.

5. Hair oil: Applied after your shower, oils are ripe with hydrating agents that can penetrate the hair shaft and lock in moisture. Finding the right oil for your hair needs and goals can provide much-needed conditioning without weighing hair down.


Understanding your hair type is the first step in nailing down the just-right hair care regimen. To see what else has an impact on your products take our online consultation here.



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  1. Thanks for the list of products! I have all of these but am looking for more information about how to use them as part of a routine. There’s a lot of conflicting info on the internet. Could you provide a walkthrough of how to build these products into a week’s routine? Thanks!