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Top 10 Winter Hair Colors in 2023

January 26, 2023

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Yes, you might have packed away your summer colors and traded your night out heels for something more practical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your style this winter. Switching up your hair color is a tried and true way to feel like a whole new person without having to do a complete overhaul. But that’s not to say it’s not a meaningful move. As seasons change we feel an instinctual need to evolve with them. This winter, look at a change in hair color, not just as an aesthetic choice, but as the next step in becoming more you. 

Faced with the entire spectrum of color, it’s normal to feel a bit indecisive. But if you’re searching for the perfect hue, look no further. This winter, a handful of hair colors have captured the hearts (and heads) of the world. We’ve curated the best ten winter hair colors below. 

1. Deep Copper

There is nothing wintrier than a rich and luxurious red hue. For 2023, deep copper is the season’s update on a color that’s already loved by colorists and celebs alike. 

2. Honey Beige

Move over Y2K platinum, it’s soft girl season. Honey beige is a neutral, not too warm and not too icy, winter hair color that can be seamlessly incorporated into any cut and style.

3. Espresso

The selling point is in the name. This dark and cool toned brown gives wealthy energy. And we’re not talking money. There’s just something about a deep espresso that screams: whoever has this hair is living their best life. 

4. Pearly Pink

Pastel pink had its moment, but pearly pink is an ethereal upgrade. It’s the subtle soft pink and pearly shine that does it. 

5. Mushroom Brown

If you have neutral or cool undertones and have trouble finding a brunette shade that’s not too red, mushroom brown is for you. This ashy brown is as natural as it gets!

6. Plum Brunette

While plums may be a summer fruit, plum brunette is a winter color. Not quite as bright as a true purple, plum is mixed with red and brown. Because it can often be achieved with a glaze or toner, the result is a fun winter color option for those who want to mix things up, but maybe don’t want to do a full bleach. 

7. Fame Framing Highlights

Face framing highlights are a classic, never fail option that instantly brightens up your base color and accentuates your facial features. Face framing highlights can be added to any hair color to give it that extra pop of life.

No, you do not have to be a Starbucks girly to love pumpkin spice hair color! This hue is a more laid back version of orange with a little added dimension. 

9. Bronde

These are not your average blonde highlights! In fact, they’re not really highlights at all. Bronde (brown + blonde) is equal parts of both colors, expertly blended from root to tip for ultra-dimension. 

10. Grey Blue

So, this winter is all about muted cool tones and mixed with blue they have never looked better. Yes, no one’s hair grows out blue, but gray blue looks so right it could almost be natural. 

Take Care of Your Winter Hair Color With Custom Haircare

Whatever winter hair color you land on, make sure to take care of your strands with the right products! Prose’s custom products can be tailored for your hair color, level of damage, environment, and so much more! Take the consultation today to check out your custom formulas. 


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