Wavy Hair Products to Use & What to Avoid

Those with curly or straight hair are in luck—there are countless tutorials on social media and YouTube on how to shape your ringlets, pump up the volume on fine strands, and to make straight hair extra shiny, to name but a few. But where’s the love for wavy hair? The thing is, wavy hair is squarely in its own category, with unique needs to prove it, and should be treated accordingly. That’s why we tapped Holly Dear, hair artist and Founder of House of Dear and Dear Clark Salon, to share everything you need to know about how to care for wavy hair.

Table of Contents

    Wavy hair products to use

    Like every other hair type, a lot of it comes down to using the right products. “Wavy hair needs a little more grip in the product choice than curly or straight hair,” Dear says. “It needs movement and support without being weighed down.” Good hair starts in the shower, so be sure to nab the right shampoo and conditioner for wavy hair. “[Look for] a clean beauty shampoo that naturally cleans and exfoliates the scalp. Be sure it’s free of  silicones or parabens that will coat the hair and weigh it down,” Dear suggests. “A pH-balancing, hydrating conditioner is also a must.”

    One of the challenges of the in-between wavy hair type is it typically doesn’t get as much shine as straight hair. “Shine is created by reflection of light,” Dear explains. “When there is a bend in the hair it breaks up the reflection or the ‘shine band.’ Adding an all-natural oil can help reflect light, creating shine for wavy hair.” The Prose hair oil is perfect for this. In addition to adding mirror-like shine, it’s chock full of a blend of sustainable oils to nourish strands, including grapeseed, shea, rosehip, rice bran, cucumber and babassu oils, to name a few. The multitasker also smooths frizz and safeguards strands.

    To work your waves, it’s all about embracing your natural texture. “Utilize a product to give grip and movement to the hair without weighing it down, like a paste or a volumizing tonic,” Dear says. The  Prose curl cream will do the trick. The styler works to define the wave or curl pattern while infusing hair with hydration and fighting frizz. To style, Dear says, “Scrunch the hair by placing the palm vertical and parallel to the face, helping support the ‘S’ pattern in the waves or twist drying the hair in large sections.”

    Wavy hair products to avoid

    Knowing which products to skip is just as important as using the right ones. “Avoid products that contain salt, which will cause dehydration, and silicones and parabens that will coat the hair, weighing it down, and not allow active ingredients to penetrate the shaft,” Dear says. In fact, the most common mistakes people make when it comes to wavy hair is getting the wrong cut and the wrong product usage. “These are the two most crucial decisions made with wavy hair,” Dear says. “Go to a stylist that understands natural movement and knows how to cut on the ‘bend of the curl’ and get the right products  to support your hair’s ‘S’ pattern and not weigh it down.” At night, Dear recommends sleeping on a silk pillowcase with dry hair to protect the texture.