What Is Babassu Oil and How Does It Benefit Hair?

Versatile and nutrient-dense, oils are essential to a successful hair care routine. Of plant or mineral origin, oils help protect cuticles and restore and moisturize each strand, keeping your hair healthy and happy.

Luckily, there are plenty of oil options to accommodate every kind of hair. 

One that’s growing in popularity is babassu oil. When applied correctly, this natural oil is a powerful addition to any routine, providing numerous benefits in the quest to keep hair beautiful and full of life.

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    The Origins of Babassu Oil

    Does the name babassu sound at all familiar to you? If so, it’s because this plant-based oil isn’t new to the beauty market, though it’s not as popular as other natural extracts, like argan and coconut oil. But this scenario is changing rapidly.

    Babassu oil is made from Orbignya Speciosa, otherwise known as the babassu palm. This large, tropical tree is native to South America, commonly found in the Amazon rainforest throughout the north and northwest of Brazil.

    The babassu palm produces clusters of almond-shaped fruits called babassu coconut. The extract from these coconuts, or seeds, is what makes babassu oil. Babassu leaves also have medicinal properties, and they’re commonly used in local cuisine throughout the Amazon region.

    The Powerful Benefits of Babassu Oil

    In addition to being immensely rich in nutrients, babassu oil has a pleasant smell and a light texture, allowing for quick absorption. Because of this, it’s widely used in the composition of beauty products along with other natural oils. 

    Used in haircare, the oil from this Brazilian super plant provides a number of benefits.

    Protects the Scalp From Irritation and Flaking

    Babassu oil contains several healthful fatty acids in high concentrations, including lauric. This fatty acid has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that make babassu oil excellent for hair and scalp treatment. When applied regularly, babassu oil leaves your scalp clean and free from irritation, helping to prevent the appearance of dandruff and seborrhea.

    Antioxidant Power to Restore Damaged Hair

    Another important component of babassu oil is vitamin E, which is an essential antioxidant helpful for fighting free radicals. This vitamin also aids in cell regeneration, accelerating the healing process of burns and wounds, for example.

    Due to these properties, babassu oil is ideal for the recovery of hair damaged by chemical products, acting as a natural remedy to help revitalize hair.

    A Super Moisturizer

    With the combination of fatty acids and vitamin E, babassu oil qualifies as a super moisturizer. After only a few applications, this oil leaves your hair healthier and softer. This explains why it’s present in so many conditioners, skin moisturizers and soaps.

    This super hydration power of babassu also makes the strands of your hair stronger, significantly reducing split ends. And thanks to its light texture, its application doesn’t weigh your hair down or leave it feeling oily, as can happen with other natural extracts.

    You can easily try this oil in your own moisturizing routine, as Prose’s Custom Conditioner uses babassu oil in some of its formulas. Great for all hair types, this conditioner is especially well-suited for those seeking hair restoration.

    Like Coconut Oil, Babassu Is Versatile

    Because of their unique properties and similar origin, people constantly compare babassu and coconut oil. The most significant difference between them is density. Babassu oil and products containing it come out ahead if you prefer a lighter and faster-absorbing product.

    However, just as coconut oil is used for the production of various cosmetics around the world, babassu oil is gaining prominence in the beauty market for its versatility. Nowadays, you can find this amazing oil in the composition of sunscreen, diaper rash ointments, healing remedies and makeup remover, to name a few.

    How Can I Use Babassu Oil?

    When it comes to application, babassu oil isn’t fussy and is useful for any and all hair types. What does change is the reason you’re using the oil. You can use it during the restoration or hydration phases of your hair care routine, for example.

    And, as we said before, babassu oil is light and has less density than other oils available on the market. So it’s not necessary to apply it in excess amounts. If your goal is to use it on a daily basis to repair damaged hair, a few drops are enough.

    The same rule applies to at-home hydration routines. If a treatment or conditioner has babassu oil in its composition, you usually don’t need to leave it in for long before washing your hair.

    How To Choose Products With Babassu Oil

    When choosing a shampoo or conditioner that contains babassu oil, make sure there aren’t too many harsh chemical elements present. Babassu is a delicate oil, and the presence of excessive harsh chemicals can compromise its effectiveness.

    For an organic, high-quality product made with babassu oil, consider Prose’s Custom Hair Oil. Whether you need treatment prior to washing or a finisher to help style your hair, a few drops of this oil applied daily are enough to hydrate and protect your hair.

    Customize Your Hair Products With a Prose Consultation

    Using great products with quality ingredients isn’t just important for babassu oil — it’s essential to your hair health. Without a doubt, finding the right products that also work with your unique hair type is challenging. Luckily, Prose has you and your hair covered. 

    Start your Prose consultation now to create customized hair care products that suit your needs. You’ll answer a few questions about your hair care goals, lifestyle and environment, and in just a few minutes, Prose will create custom Shampoos, Conditioners and Hair Oils that are uniquely yours.

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