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Shea Oil vs Shea Butter: What’s the Difference?

December 31, 2018

1 Min read

Got damaged hair? We’ve got good news. Within our new custom oil collection (it’s currently sold out, but will be restocked soon!), we are offering healing shea oil to help rejuvenate even the most distressed strands. While we figure you’ve probably heard of (and perhaps even used) shea butter, a popular, deeply-nourishing ingredient frequently found in rich skincare, you may be less familiar with shea oil, its lighter-weight, but even more potent, sibling. So, allow us to get you up to speed on this strand saver.

Shea oil is a highly-nutritive vegetable oil that helps bring back moisture and suppleness to even the most dry and damaged hair. It boasts many of the same benefits as shea butter because shea oil is actually obtained by filtrating shea butter. During the filtration process, all of the nourishing actives in shea butter are drawn out into a concentrated oil, while the compounds that make the butter solid and waxy are left behind. Thus, shea oil is kind of like black coffee, and shea butter is akin to a whole-milk latte. With the former, you get the rich taste of coffee beans and energy-boosting caffeine, minus extra dairy fat. This lightweight quality also makes shea oil especially well-suited to hair care because it is able to treat all types of strands. It’s powerful enough to repair and hydrate even the driest mane, yet it won’t leave fine locks lank.

Shea oil can be used as a pre-poo treatment on a regular basis without fear of buildup; any excess oil will be gently removed by your custom Prose shampoo. (By contrast, because of its waxiness, shea butter can build up on the hair over time and cause the hair to become dull and lifeless. While this can typically be remedied with a deep cleaning/clarifying shampoo, it’s worth noting this risk.) At Prose, treatments that contain shea oil have myriad uses; some may be used to hydrate dry scalp skin, while others are designed to replenish damaged hair. As with any Prose product, the formula created for you will always be accompanied by specific-to-your-hair usage instructions.


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