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The Most Popular Winter Hair Colors of 2022

December 14, 2021

2 Min read

The entire aesthetic of our lives switches up when winter comes. From the colors we see outside in nature to our wardrobes and even our hair color. Darker hues are typically most popular during the winter, but in 2022 there will be some brighter pops of color trending that may surprise you.

This winter, we have the opportunity to make sure our hair coloring efforts are intentional and thought out, not fueled by cabin fever or vitamin D withdrawal. With intention, some inspiration, and probably a professional, switching up our hair color can be a positive winter experience of self-expression. The fact that you’re checking out this winter hair colors trend article? Well that means you’re already halfway there. We’ve got five of the top trends, below.

2022 winter hair colors 

Wine red

This deep red hue is as sensual (and makes you feel as good as) a glass of your favorite wine. This deep red is so subtle it’s almost natural, and the almost–brown shade means you get to shake up your color without going full Ariel.

woman with long wine red hair
woman with deep red hair

Deep brown

In some light, she’s chocolate brown, in others, a warm black. Deep brown hair is richly decadent and looks especially good paired with an extra rosy cheek.

woman with a bob haircut and bangs
woman with long brown hair

Warm blonde

It’s hard to say goodbye to the sunny warmth of summer, so don’t. For anyone wanting to keep glowing all winter long, warm honey blonde is your best bet. With red undertones, unlike the blue undertones of platinum or white blonde, warm blonde will never wash out your complexion.

woman with blonde hair and bangs

Bold blue

In ancient Egypt, blue hair was considered  sacred  because it was dyed with the gemstone lapis lazuli. In 2022, that description holds up! There’s just something about bold, dark blue hair that gives it mythical and other worldly qualities.

woman with blue hair

Caramel highlights

From hot lattes to caramel apples, the buttery flavor is a winter staple, so why not incorporate that into your hair? For anyone with light brown to black hair, caramel highlights add dimension, warmth, and a little bit of sweetness.




Lee Phillips is a freelance New York based storyteller across mediums. With a BFA in writing from The New School, Phillips uses language to convey her personal truths and imagine new worlds in fiction, poetry, screen writing and non-fiction. Her non-fiction can be found in office Magazine, CryBaby Zine, Period Space, Chanel Void, Editorial Magazine, 10011 Magazine and includes editorial work for brands. Her creative writing is published in Unvaeled Journal, Rookie Magazine, and her poetry book, “Nowhere Words,”  published in September of 2020.  In all of her work, she believes in creating content that engages viewers through shared experience and authentic narratives, rather than elitism or insecurity. Follow her instagram @c.har.lee for more.

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