2B Hair: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding, Caring for, and Styling Your 2B Waves

There’s something special about Type 2B hair. You might not have a defined curl pattern, nor is it sleek and straight. But each wave is full of texture and shape, and with the right haircare routine, it can be a real showstopper.

The best way to identify your hair type is to let your hair air dry without product. You will be able to see your curl pattern form and figure out which hair type you fit into. This is essential for finding the right products that enhance the beauty of your natural hair. Ready to wave goodbye to frizzy hair and say hello to defined bouncy waves?

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    What is 2B Hair?

    Type 2B hair lies somewhere between straight and curly hair: think natural beach waves. If your hair has a medium texture and is prone to frizz due to the loose curl definition, you might have Type 2B hair. 

    Identifying curl patterns can be tricky. One of the most distinctive attributes of type 2B hair is that those charming S-shaped waves tend to start further down the hair, whilst the roots often remain straighter, creating a unique texture. It differs from 2A, which are typically finer waves, and 2C, which are looser curls, rather than waves. Unlike its straighter counterparts, 2B hair boasts a playful bounce and movement that adds dimension.

    How to Take Care of 2B Hair

    2B waves need special care to ensure you achieve definition, bounce, and shine. Finding the right wavy hair products is the first step. Focus on using a clarifying shampoo and conditioner free from sulfates that will keep your scalp and hair feeling clean without drying it out. Type 2B needs a lot of moisture and hydration to keep frizz at bay and a pre-shampoo mask is perfect for this. By using a customized formula, you can easily maintain the elasticity of your waves, promoting curl retention. Dry strands will lose definition more quickly, whereas hydrated strands find it easier to hold onto waves. 

    Since the wave patterns in 2B hair tend to be more concentrated towards the bottom of the hair, it can become more susceptible to tangling, so it helps to be mindful when washing and brushing. Don’t pile your hair together as you shampoo, but instead, focus on cleansing your scalp and working your way down to your ends. Follow up with a wide-tooth comb through your ends gently, slowly separating any clumps.  

    The biggest concern people with Type 2B hair struggle with is frizz. Ensure you dry your hair as soon as possible to stop excess water weighing down waves and avoid heavy products, particularly around the roots. Thick products weigh your waves down, encouraging the shape to drop and lose that wave definition. This doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of products. Instead, try a few drops of oil on wet hair before drying or on freshly styled hair to eliminate frizz and smooth out flyaways. 

    How to Style 2B Hair

    Now that you’ve cared for your 2B hair, styling it properly is going to take it to the next level. Styling different hair types requires different methods of care. For 2B hair, you want to enhance your natural waves, create definition, and reduce the appearance of frizziness. 

    A recommended styling routine for 2B waves is: 

    1. It’s important to use lightweight products that will lift and enhance your beautiful texture. Apply a lightweight curl cream to keep strands hydrated and minimize unwanted frizz. To define your waves, try using a lightweight Styling Gel. No need to rake through—simply finish by scrunching or air-drying.
    1. Use a diffuser to dry your waves, or for a heat-free method, try finger coiling. This is when you take small sections of hair and wrap them around your fingers to encourage the waves to take their shape. Choose a smooth microfiber towel to help reduce frizz and encourage curl clumps.

    Customize your 2B Hair Products

    There are heaps of benefits to choosing a customized haircare routine. We know that each wave and curl is unique, which is why we tailor products specifically for you. 

    We’ve already done the research. We can help you find the best ingredients for your hair type. Struggling with unwanted frizz? Opt for products with fermented rice water, a natural hair smoother that promotes hair health. Are your waves dry and undefined? An intense repair formula with lilac leaf extract can replenish thirsty waves without weighing them down. 

    We’re the experts at building a routine suited specifically for your 2B hair needs. A Prose hair consultation is the first step to your new and improved healthy waves.

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