Everything You Need to Know About the Prose Custom Pre-Shampoo Mask

Hair masks are a great way to give your hair care routine an extra boost. Here’s what to know about the treatment, including whether to use your mask before or after shampoo. 

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    What Is the Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask?

    Prose’s Custom Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask is a super-concentrated treatment designed to restore balance to your hair. Nourishing ingredients address your hair’s problem areas at the source, repairing fibers and preventing breakage. 

    The Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask is meant to go on before you wash, when your hair is most receptive to its restorative powers. That way, you’ll get the full effects of your shampoo. Once you’re done styling, you’ll enjoy an effortlessly bouncy mane. 

    Hair Masks vs. Scalp Masks 

    Prose also offers a Custom Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask you can use before you wash. But how is this different from the Custom hair mask? 

    Rather than targeting the ends and fibers of your hair, scalp masks work their magic on your roots. They exfoliate your scalp, depositing a layer of moisture and eliminating buildup for a much-needed detox. That way, your skin will be refreshed and receptive to your shampoo and conditioner

    Why You Should Start Hair Masking

    If you’re currently meeting all your hair goals, adding a mask to your routine may seem unnecessary. But over time, even healthy hair could use a little extra help. 

    Hair damage has a variety of sources — some of which are out of your control, including humidity and hard water. Concentrated pre-shampoo masks provide the extra power needed to protect your hair from unavoidable damage. 

    The damaging factors can also wreak havoc on your scalp. A weekly scalp detox is a quick way to keep your roots happy and healthy, and the best way to cleanse is with a good scalp mask. 

    Do You Hair Mask Before or After Shampoo? 

    For best results, use your hair mask before shampooing. That way, you’ll wash out the concentrated formula with a gentle, soothing cleanse. 

    How to Use a Hair Mask 

    Ready to use your hair mask? Here’s how to get the best results. 

    1. Review your personalized notes. When you opt for a custom hair mask from Prose, it’ll come with instructions detailing how to use your personalized formula. Read these first for expert guidance tailored to you. 
    2. Wet your hair. Masks should be applied damp, so wet your hair slightly before applying. 
    3. Evenly apply the mask. If you’re using a scalp mask, concentrate on your roots. For hair masks, give the ends some extra attention. 
    4. Wait up to 30 minutes. Now, it’s time to let the mask do its thing. For the full effect, let your hair soak up the extra nourishment for a full half-hour. 
    5. Shampoo and rinse. Simply finish with a gentle cleanse and style your bouncy mane like normal. 

    Hair Mask Tips and Tricks 

    Want to take your hair mask game to the next level? A few simple tricks can help you get the most out of every pre-shampoo treatment. Here’s how to elevate your masks for healthy hair year-round. 

    Add Some Heat

    A little heat can go a long way when it comes to hair masks. Because heat speeds up chemical processes, heating up your mask helps it bind to your hair for enhanced results. 

    Heating your mask can be as simple as warming it in your hands before applying it. Or you can heat up your hair directly using a hot towel or a steamer. Just don’t go overboard with the heat, or you’ll risk damaging your hair

    Alternate Masks 

    Not sure if a scalp mask or a hair mask is right for your routine? The answer: Use both! Doubling up on masks ensures every inch of your hair gets the treatment it needs. 

    If double-masking is your preferred routine, moderation is key. To avoid overdoing it, alternate masks every week or two weeks. Everyone’s hair is different, and the right hair care routine is the one that works for you. 

    Find a Mask Designed Just for You

    Just like you, your hair is totally unique. So, just any hair mask isn’t going to cut it. To really get the most out of your mask, opt for one that’s formulated exactly to your needs. 

    Prose’s Custom Pre-Shampoo Masks are specially curated for your hair and scalp. Whether you need hydration, color protection or breakage control, your hair mask will fit the bill. Visit Prose today for hair care designed with you in mind.