Everything You Need to Know About the Prose Custom Pre-Shampoo Mask

Hair masks are a great way to give your hair care routine an extra boost. Here’s what to know about the treatment, including whether to use your mask before or after shampoo. 

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    What exactly is the Prose Pre-Shampoo Mask?

    Our Pre-Shampoo Mask provides supercharged care for your hair or scalp concerns, depending on your area of greater need. Used up to twice a week, this product goes beyond the typical wash; it contains the highest concentrations of your most-needed actives, along with additional ingredients that aren’t found in other products.

    We offer two types of masks: a Hair Lengths Mask to repair and protect your strands, and a Scalp Mask to soothe and restore balance. Our algorithm will determine which is the right fit based on your consultation; as a heads up, since healthy strands require a healthy scalp and roots, any scalp issues will get top priority. Your mask label will indicate whether it’s for your lengths or scalp, and as always, your leaflet will provide detailed instructions.

    How can the Pre-Shampoo Mask help with my scalp concerns?

    Dealing with a flaky scalp, excessive sebum, or an all-too-sensitive scalp? A Scalp Mask can tackle all three, using our portfolio of clean and effective ingredients. And when we say that our Pre-Shampoo Mask is packed with active ingredients, we’re not kidding: a Scalp Mask can contain ten times the amount of the scalp-soothing complex found in our shampoo (CBD, Licorice and Pro-Vitamin B5). This concentration may be too high for a shampoo, but it’s just the right amount for a mask that’s used once to twice a week.

    In addition to familiar active complexes to promote a healthy scalp and even encourage hair growth, your Scalp Mask contains unique ingredients such as Squalene. This non-irritating moisturizer and soother is even effective for those with dermatitis and psoriasis. Another top-performer is Vitamin F—you already know that vitamins are good for you, but this one helps reduce dryness and flakes.

    What if my main concern is my lengths—how will the Pre-Shampoo Mask help?

    If your strands could use some deep conditioning and repair, this is where your Lengths Mask comes in. Used once a week to once every two weeks, it can contain ultra-hydrating ingredients like our Nutrition complex—a mix of Argan, Sacha Yushi and Jojoba Oils that restores damaged hair. These oils may be too heavy-duty for certain shampoo and conditioner formulas, but used in a mask, they’ll leave your strands softer and more manageable.

    And since your Lengths Mask will be customized to your needs, it may contain additional ingredients for color protection, curl definition, and more. But each and every Lengths Mask will contain natural moisturizers like Mango Butter to fortify strands and smooth split ends, and Glycerin to lock in moisture and protect from heat damage.

    How do I use my Pre-Shampoo Mask?

    Every mask order arrives with a leaflet containing how-to instructions, along with details on how often and how long you should leave in your mask. But as the name indicates, your Pre-Shampoo Mask should always be used on damp hair and followed by shampoo.

    Received a Lengths Mask? Warm it in your palms and saturate your lengths, avoiding the roots. A little heat also helps the product penetrate, so you can apply your mask then heat your strands with a hair steamer or a hot towel.

    Now here’s where we might get into foreign territory: the Scalp Mask. But there’s no need to be intimidated! For a quick step-by-step video from The Pros, just click the link here. Be sure to avoid your lengths and massage the product onto your scalp, section by section. Go ahead, give yourself the full salon treatment—your scalp (and your stress levels) will thank you.

    Can I leave in my Pre-Shampoo Mask overnight?

    If you just read the above and thought “I bet this would work even better overnight,” you’re not alone. The Pre-Shampoo Mask is a luxurious cream, formulated with your chosen Prose fragrance—why wouldn’t you want to leave it on a bit longer? But while it may be tempting to sleep in your mask, 5-30 minutes (depending on your unique routine) is all you need.

    Unlike our Custom Leave-in Conditioner, your mask is meant to be fully rinsed off after use, leaving your strands or scalp feeling healthy but never weighed down. It also sets the stage for your shampoo and conditioner to work even more effectively, ensuring that you get the most out of each wash.