5 Ways to Part Your Hair

You know when your hairstylist asks how you normally part your hair during a hair cut and your mind goes completely blank? It seems like the way we part our hair doesn’t often cross our minds, despite the fact that we constantly search for ways to upgrade our look with new accessories, cuts and colors. We all have an everyday hair part, so why has it never occurred to us to spice it up? If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. Switching up your go-to part is the perfect way to get out of auto-pilot without any expensive trips to the salon, or irreversible changes.  

So, why do we have a natural part at all? Well, our hair is just like us, it has memory. There’s a natural way that our hair falls, and because of this, it’s best to start with damp hair in order to “clear the record” so to speak. Wetting the hair is like a “pattern reset,” and in the same vein, allowing your hair to dry in its new placement means less resistance. Whichever style you choose, make sure to have some hair friendly styling gel on hand for setting and flyaways. 

Table of Contents

    The Zig Zag


    No, this look is not only for teens in the mid 2000’s. And even if it was, that aesthetic has totally made a comeback! Whether you only want a couple bigger zig zags to pair with a slicked back bun, or smaller zig zags going all the way back, this hair part has a little something for everyone. To achieve the zig zag, grab a parting comb and choose where you want the starting point of your zig zag part. Then, create a diagonal part. From there, create a part going in the opposite direction, et voila! You’ve got the lightning bolt part!

    The Wet Look

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    Maybe the coolest way to spice up your hair part would be to…. get rid of it altogether?! The slicked back hair look has made countless runway and editorial debuts and is perfectly paired with a blazer for added drama. Or maybe you’re going for the fresh out of the ocean look that seems to be so popular these days? Either way, all you need is a vision and a whole lot of hair gel. Well. it may be a tad more involved than that. Starting with freshly brushed hair, work in about a tablespoon of hair gel to the crown and sides of your hair. NOT ENDS! With a wide comb, work your hair back into that slicked back shape, bringing the gel through your strands for maximum hold.

    Deep Side Part

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    While middle parts are all the rave these days, they just don’t give classic elegance like a deep side part does. Whether you opt to pair it with a slick ponytail for a modern take OR lean into the extra volume this part can provide, a deep side part is chic and easy. The how-to is simple:  pick your placement and with the thin end of a parting comb, create a precise line while flipping all the extra hair to one side. For this style, you might need a little extra gel for hold, as your natural part is going to want to reassert itself. 

    Fake a Side Bang

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    So, what if you want all the swooping drama of a deep side part, but just don’t want to commit all the way? Faking a side bang or fringe is a fun way to spice up your classic hair part where it matters. The result is a face-framing pop of personality that can accentuate your eyebrows or cheekbone, depending on the shape and length.

    To achieve, section off about a 1-2 inch chunk of hair on the top of your forehead. This will be your bang, so it’s got to be long enough to swoop over your eyes. Pin or tie this section while you do the rest of your hair. (This style looks great paired with a ponytail for a Barbie doll effect). Once the rest of your hair is done, unpin your fake bangs and brush them out with a little hair gel, smoothing them against your forehead in the shape and direction you want them to lie. Pin them above or behind your ear to hide the bobby pin, and set with some hairspray for an optional extra hold!

    Slick Middle Part

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    While the middle part might be what most of us are trying to spice up in the first place, you don’t have to go far for a refresh. Sometimes, all a middle part needs to (literally) shine is a little TLC. A slicked down middle part is an elevated look perfect for every day. What sets her apart from a standard middle part however, is precision.

    Grab your parting comb and clean up your middle part! This might mean a double take – the key to this look is a straight line! While fly aways on your crown are totally normal, this style is all about sleek. Smooth those fly aways by dabbing on a little gel and brushing the hair near your part flat against your head. Pair it with a bun for a model off duty look! 

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