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Acacia Collagen Will Plump Up Your Strands Like Nothing Else

October 8, 2019

1 Min read

You’ve surely heard people sing collagen’s praises, and for good reason. It has major hydration chops that are often harnessed in skincare. But, collagen’s moisture-boosting benefits doesn’t stop with skin. Collagen can add hydration back into hair while also plumping up hair shafts, bringing dry, damaged hair back to life. Learn all about Prose’s collagen of choice, acacia collagen, below.

What is acacia collagen?

Not to be confused with traditional collagen that is derived from animals, acacia collagen actually comes from the natural gum (hardened sap) of the Acacia Seyal tree. These trees are widely distributed throughout East Africa. Their gum is manually harvested from wild trees in the Sahel Zone by local farmers. Prose uses an extract of the gum that is a mix of complex sugars (arabinogalactan oligosaccharides) and glycoproteins, those of which have similar moisturizing properties to animal-derived collagen. So, you get all of the benefits of traditional collagen without using any animal derivatives.

Pro Tip: Beware of labels that contain just “collagen” as an ingredient if you’re looking for a vegan version. If the source of the collagen is not specified, it will have come from animals.

Similar to our maracuja oil supplier, our acacia collagen supplier has won awards recognizing their commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Why is acacia collagen beneficial for hair?

You’ll find acacia collagen in our core range of products: pre-shampoo mask, shampoo and conditioner. It’s particularly great for people who are in need of intense damage repair. Acacia extract’s slick texture allows it to form a protective film that infuses hair with moisture and seals it all in. This process in turn plumps up hair shafts, causing your strands to be overall smoother and shinier.


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