Trending Now: Baby Bangs

No, you’re not dreaming. This isn’t 2012, it’s 2022 and baby bangs are back. Partially thanks to one Euphoria star’s most recent chop, which she debuted at the Balenciaga Paris fashion week show, the baby bang has grabbed public attention. They’re sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week but luckily for the rest of us, baby bangs are a pretty simple style to accomplish despite the dramatic statement they make. Also known as micro bangs, baby bangs are characterized by their short length, only coming down an inch or two onto your forehead. The result is an extra flair for your hair without having to hide your face.

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    Pair a wispy baby bang with a pixie cut for an Audrey Hepburn moment, or add thick, blunt baby bangs with a long pony for a vintage pin-up look. They are also popular additions to the trending mullet, but honestly work with any style! From bobs to shags, the baby bang has even been seen gracing shaved heads. Figure that one out. While there may not be that much hair to work with, it’s actually insane how versatile the style is. Oh and an added bonus—you get to show off your eyebrows! 

    So, how to get baby bangs without looking like you just cut gum out of your hair with the kitchen scissors? Unless you’re going for the choppy baby bang, there are some things to consider! Start by reflecting on exactly what you want concerning the length, thickness and “choppiness,” that you’re going for.  

    If you’ve got curly hair don’t fret, curly bangs are having a full resurgence and that includes curly baby bangs. What you will need to consider is whether or not you’re planning on wearing your baby bangs straight or curly. How tight your curls are or whether you plan to wear them straight will determine how short to cut your bangs as you’ll need to take shrinkage into consideration. 

    Looking at photos of those with similar face shapes who have tried the style is also a must. Because of where they sit on your forehead, baby bangs can either shorten or elongate your face depending on your shape. Oval and heart, go for it! The soft features of this face shape contrast nicely to the angles of a baby bang. Square, round, and diamond, proceed with intention: your more angular faces are “traditionally” recommended to lean towards flowing and sweeping bangs to contrast your features. That being said, forget the rules. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy. If that is baby bangs, congrats you’re on trend and you look absolutely stunning.

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