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Follow Along with Olympian Runner Colleen Quigley’s Prose Hair Routine

July 20, 2021

1 Min read

Meet Olympian, runner, and mental health advocate Colleen Quigley. We were first introduced to Colleen through her #FastBraidFriday series, where she shows off her iconic running hairstyle, but we’ve become major fans thanks to the positivity she brings to her community. “Since Prose is a B Corp, they make a positive impact on their community, their employees, and the environment, which is awesome and shows that you don’t have to make a sacrifice in those areas to make an amazing product,” explains Colleen. 

As an athlete, Colleen’s hair needs can look different. Think: frequent post-workout shampoos and lots of dry shampoo in between. Watch as she breaks down her complete hair routine and read on for even more details.

Step 1: Pre-Shampoo mask

I start off first with the pre-shampoo mask on damp hair and leave that on for just a few minutes.

Step 2: Shampoo

Then I move onto shampoo, customized for Colleen 🙂 

Step 3: Conditioner

Next I move onto my conditioner and I leave that in for about five minutes while I wash the rest of my body before rinsing it out.

Step 4: Leave-In conditioner

Then I use this awesome leave-in conditioner—love this—it’s got a spray top that I use to mist my hair.

Step 5: Hair oil

Once my hair is completely dry, especially if I blow dry it, I finish off with the hair oil. It makes my hair shiner and just gives it an overall glow.

Step 6: Dry shampoo

I get the question a lot: do you have to wash your hair multiple times a day? And the answer is absolutely not! This lil guy really comes in handy. It’s a dry shampoo and it’s actually not aerosol but rather a powder dry shampoo, which is awesome. It’s really great for those multiple workout days. 


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