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Crimped Hair is Coming Back This Summer

May 10, 2019

3 Min read

Past trends have a way of sneaking up on us when we least expect them to show face. This time it’s crimped hair that’s making a comeback and just in time for summer. However, the style has been modernized a bit. Instead of an entire head full of tiny dips and divettes, we’re seeing crimping as a way to add texture to select sections of hair or to give your ponytail an added tactile element. Of course, going all out and crimping your entire head is a fun and bold move that we completely endorse.

Coming right behind the resurgence of the perm, this new wave of crimped hair makes it clear that movement in hair is at the top of a lot of people’s wish list. Just as the modern perm results in looser bends, crimped hair can also take on a more relaxed identity, with larger crimps being popularized. It’s all about each person’s unique take. Take a look at a few of the variations of modern crimping below.

Textured Crimps

Bring another element to already textured hair by crimping bits of it, layering the two textures together.

Detailed Crimps

Get up close and personal with your strands by playing up your hair with tiny crimps.

Micro Crimps

Go full 80s glam by crimping your entire head of hair. These tiny crimps make for a perfectly textured and tousled look.


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How do you like my 80s crimp? Should I rock it again? 🤓 . ◾ I know this kind of treatment is horrible for my hair but given how naturally thin it is, this volume allowed me to feel like a wild lion for 2 days. (Ok ok, I’m wild on a normal hair day, too). 🙈 😂 . 🤔 I’m curious… . 🔸 What’s the craziest hair style, beard style, clothing style (or other) that you’ve tried? Or would like to try? . PS – Those are real gray hairs. lol😁 . —————————————— For more info & videos: ➡ ➡ —————————————— . @magnagopal #magnagopal #mpoweredwithMagna #mpowered #wildhair #crimpedhair

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Loose Crimps

Opt for a larger crimp with uniform bends if you’re wanting a more modern look.


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