5 Gender Neutral Haircuts That Embrace Androgyny

Let’s be real, hair doesn’t have a gender. So no matter what style you decide to go for, all hair can be gender neutral. These cuts are simply ones that tend to have less of a preconceived gender assumption attached to them and may be great for anyone looking to achieve an androgynous look.

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    Mullets and highly layered styles are not only amazing because they’ve been making a major comeback, but they’re also incredibly versatile and completely genderless. Everyone from women and men, to non-binary folks have been embracing the edgy dream that is the mullet and we’re obsessed. Likewise, buzzcuts have been all the rave recently  across the gender spectrum. Colored buzz cuts have been especially popular as they are the perfect way to experiment with bold colors and even designs without too much of a commitment. 

    While I’m sure we’re all aware of the traditional pixie cut, a spiky  version of the style can combine an edgier look with the chic energy of the classic cut. Speaking of edgy yet chic, if you’ve yet to encounter moon bangs, get ready to fall in love. While most of these cuts are on the shorter sides, pairing any of the bangs or front framing pieces together with longer locks can be a great way to achieve a similar effect without compromising length. Here are a few gender neutral haircuts to get the ball rolling!

    1. Mullet

    @visualensemble rocks a multi-colored shag mullet

    Mullets come in so many different shapes and sizes, which is part of their neverending charm. You can experiment with split dye, bold colors, or even a micro mullet if you tend to lean  more towards cropped styles.

    2. Jaw length blunt cut

    @teaganscousins.hair really made their client’s texture come alive with this cut

    Similar to a lob, this look is great for all hair colors and textures. It’s  simple,  timeless, and all around just wonderful. You can add curtain bangs and some fringe to level up this style or simply leave it as is!

    3. Buzz cut

    Incredible dye work by @_thesarahlawler

    Part of the beauty of a buzz cut is its versatility. It’s a great option for people who are looking to experiment and switch up their look with the swipe of a clipper. Plus, it gives you the option to play with color without the commitment. 

    4. Textured pixie cut

    @jordanveryz creates this effortless, textured pixie on their beautiful client

    Pixie cuts are one of the most classic androgynous looks. Textured or spikey pixie cuts are a great way to modernize and personalize the style. Not only does embracing your natural texture look good on everyone, adding fun and funky layering can add volume and depth to your hair.

    5. Moon bangs

    Breathtaking moon bangs by @_andy_doesyourhair

    What exactly are moon bangs? In a nutshell, they’re  curved micro bangs that are usually cut into an overemphasized crescent shape. They tend to stay mostly on the forehead, only dipping down to brush the cheekbone. They pair amazingly with shags and mullets or any highly textured style.