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Glass Hair: How To Get This Trending Look

October 13, 2021

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It’s pretty common to want shiny hair, but how is shiny hair different from glass hair? This latest celebrity hairstyle and fashion trend has been all the rave. To attain this look, you must specifically style your hair with certain products and tools. 

We’ll walk you through the techniques needed and give tips on how to achieve it without harming your hair. Ultimately, healthy hair is the goal of this style. The glass hair look leans heavily on well-conditioned, hydrated, and strong hair to get those shiny, smooth, and polished-looking locks.

How to prep for glass hair

To achieve this look, make sure that you are starting with recently conditioned hair that has no buildup at all. Your hair should be easy to work with and not weighed down by an excess of products.

Also, make sure that your hair has been cleansed with a light shampoo. Our Custom Shampoo is wonderful for cleansing your hair without all the added sulfates, parabens, or silicones.

We want to start by saying that if your hair is damaged and has encountered a lot of heat styling, it is best to try to nourish and build your hair back up. We recommend limiting heat styling, and instead, focusing on using deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and hair oils to nurture your hair back to health. 

Hair will look glossy and full of shine if it is well hydrated and full of life. The less heat styling, the better. The more that you can give your hair a break, the better it will feel and look, and you can get back to styles just like this one sooner rather than later. Heat damaged hair is prone to damage and can look brittle and frizzy. 

Another way to keep the appearance of your hair polished and clean is to get a trim. Not only will this help the style, but it can help the health of your hair. Your hair will thrive and look well maintained, which is quite the win-win.

Styling tips for the glass hair look

To create this look, you should have your hair straightener or flat iron on hand. Make sure to start with a heat-protectant before styling your hair with heat. It seems like a small task, but it can significantly help prevent the heat from damaging your hair.

It is important to flat-iron your hair in small sections. It can speed up the style to first give your hair a good blowout and then move on to straightening. This will help to limit the amount of time you are spending flat ironing your hair. Working in small sections will remove the chance of unwanted frizz and make sure that there are no areas that are left unruly or wavy.

Brush your strands while you style

One easy way to attain this look is to use a brush while you are straightening your hair. As the brush runs through your hair, you are taming each strand before the hair is met with heat. Try to keep the brush below the iron and then continuously pull the brush down with the iron. The brush should glide through your hair, and in turn, your hair should look more uniform. This technique can limit unwanted frizz.

We recommend taking a look at our diverse selection of brushes. You can choose the best brush for your hair type which can help you achieve your desired look. We have brushes for any hair type and any style. You can choose from our classic boar bristle brush or boar and nylon bristle. If you’re looking for a brush with no animal ingredients, try our agave bristle brush or our tipped metal bristle brush. 

We sought out the experts for true professional quality. Our brushes are carefully created by artists skilled in the art of brush-making (Vive la France), who use natural European beechwood and hevea rubber to create each brush.

Finish with an oil for shine

Finish the look with a shine oil. This will help lock in the style and also add extra shine to your hair.

This Custom Hair Oil is a premium oil that preserves strands and smooths away frizz whether used as a treatment before washing or as a styling finish. Custom hair oil is beneficial to all hair types, and anyone can use this oil every day or specifically for completing a style. Each combination is designed to provide your strands just the perfect amount of water and nutrients without weighing them down.

Your custom hair oil can feature ingredients such as:


Plant oils such as palm oil, Moroccan argan oil, nut oils, and grapeseed oil all include natural conditioning ingredients. Some individuals use them to help combat frizz and hydrate their hair. Grapeseed oil is also one of the lightest oils available, so it hydrates and conditions hair without weighing it down or making it greasy. Grapeseed oil is also one of the best natural oils for adding shine to your hair.

All the ingredients that your hair is looking for, can be found in one oil.

In addition to oil, you can also use a hairspray to hold the hair in place. You can even add the oil or hairspray directly to your brush to evenly coat your hair and make the style as smooth as possible.

Styling with natural ingredients

Whether you need products for before, during, or after styling, our products are filled with natural, ethical, and sustainable ingredients.

We never use parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, GMOs, or animal testing in any of our products. Your formula can be made vegan, silicone-free, dye-free, or fragrance-free, depending on your requirements.

Take a look at our full ingredient page here, and learn more about why our ingredients stand out.

Prose products to try

To start working towards this look, you should first cleanse and condition your hair. Try our Custom Shampoo and Custom Conditioner to see the difference in these products. Cleansing your hair can sometimes strip the hair of its natural oils, but our shampoo is a mild cleanser that offers everything from root balance to light moisturizing.

Conditioning your hair can help you get closer to the “glossy” look. Our custom conditioner offers deep moisturization without weighing down your hair. Even though your hair should have moisture, it shouldn’t be too heavy or greasy. In order to work towards a “glass hair” style, it’s helpful to have a conditioner that is nourishing without contributing to weighing down your hair or adding excessive product buildup.

Finishing up your style with our Custom Hair Oil is the best way to complete the glass hair look. The hair oil can contribute to shine and also limit any frizz.

Complete our free online consultation, and discover which products work best for your hair. You tell us about your hair goals, the health of your hair and scalp, treatments, and preferences, and we will formulate specialized products just for you. It’s an honor to learn more about your hair and create custom formulas for your products.


What does your hair need to thrive? Take the consultation to find your formulas.



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