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Hair Type

Understanding your hair type and texture helps determine which ingredients, products and styling techniques work best for you. Learning how to determine where you fall can be tricky but not to worry. These hair tips and advice will help you properly assess your needs to keep your hair at its healthiest state.

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Hair Tips -

The Best Tips for Curly Hair

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Hair Tips - Hair Type

How to Tell the Difference Between Hair Thickness and Hair Density

Learn the difference between having thick hair as opposed to dense hair. They’re actually quite different, and here’s why.

Hair Tips - Hair Type

5 Expert Tips For Volumizing Fine Hair

With a few expert styling tips and the right products, you can add volume to fine or limp hair. Keep reading for the five tips that will help you achieve volume and body.

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Hair Tips - Hair Type

The Best Products for Coarse Hair

Understanding the type of hair you have is an important step before committing to a hair care regimen. Here, find out which products are best for coarse hair.

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Hair Tips - Hair Type

How to Care for Fine Hair

Let’s talk fine hair! Here are some tips and tricks to help maintain body and bounce, prevent limp locks, and minimize tangling and breakage.

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Hair Tips - Hair Type

4 Ways to Treat Combination Hair

Combination hair is not as tricky to care for as you might think. Get your strands in check with these four simple rules.

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Hair Tips - Hair Type

How to Treat Your Oily Hair

Lets get to the root of it all. The first step towards rebalanced scalp skin is identifying what could be causing your excess sebum to begin with.

More on Hair Type

Knowing your hair type and hair texture is crucial when deciding which products and ingredients to put in your hair. This section will teach you how to identify your hair type and texture, then teach you all about the best products, ingredients, styling techniques, and tools that will compliment your hair. With our tips and tricks, you may find that the concerns you had with your hair weren’t concerns at all. Instead, it may have been a case of the products and ingredients for your hair type. By changing your routine, you’ll provide your roots and strands with the specific needs and nutrients to keep it manageable and healthy.

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