Fake Fullness with These 8 Hairstyles

Fine-haired ladies, listen up: your hairstyle options are anything but limited. Yes, it can be tricky to maintain volume and often times your hair can fall flat. We get it—the struggle is real. But it doesn’t have to be. These eight styles will enhance the look of texture and body to create the illusion of thick, full hair. And remember, using the right products is key to maintaining these styles, including shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo.

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    A bob

     “This classic style always looks polished,” says Gia Wendt, a hairstylist at SPACE by Alex Brown in Chicago. “The shorter length gives the illusion of denser hair and is super easy to style.” Plus, it can really accentuate your jawline. In terms of how to style it, “use a low speed and nozzle on the end of the blow dryer to control the airflow and create maximum volume at the roots,” says Sadah Saltzman, a hairstylist at Salon AKS in New York City.

    A deep side part

    “This style is great for fine hair that is a little thinner on the scalp or around the hairline,” says Saltzman. “You can sweep the hair to cover any thinning areas on top, and you can also tuck one side behind the ear.” Bonus: this style works well on short or long hair and is a great way to highlight your cheekbones. 

    A short blunt cut

    This one is ideal for women with fine hair who want it to appear thicker, aka all of us with thin hair. “The trick is to keep it on the shorter side, so it doesn’t look like a triangle,” explains Saltzman.  “Anything longer than collarbone length is not really going to achieve this look.” Blunt ends will make the hair look fuller, and also happens to be quite trendy right now. Plus, “cutting your hair to a length where all of your dead ends are gone will help remove some weight and bring volume into the hair,” adds Wendt. The best part: it doesn’t have to be styled straight; you can wear this style textured and wavy, which will make hair appear even thicker.

    Slicked back hair 

    The key to this sleek style is to slick it back once it’s dry; don’t attempt to do it when wet. “If you slick back fine hair when it is wet, you can see the scalp and it can really show how fine the hair is,” shares Saltzman. “Instead, lightly tease the root and hair back off the face when hair is dry. Apply some texture spray or dry shampoo onto the roots and then some lightweight pomade or cream. Use your fingers to create the style and push hair off of your face. Once you get your desired look, spray all over with a strong hold hairspray.” Note: this is a great option for women who like to wear their hair back but want a more polished vibe. 


    “Bangs give the illusion of fullness and thickness, especially for those whose hair tends to look weak in the front,” says Wendt. Saltzman agrees and just warns against making them too thick. “This can leave the rest of your hair looking sparse because you’ve had to use so much hair for the bangs.” She recommends washing your bangs every morning, even if you are not cleaning the rest of your hair. “Clean your bangs in the sink with a lightweight shampoo to remove any excess oil—this will make your hair look fuller and not stringy. I like to carry a travel size dry shampoo in my bag when I have bangs. I give them a quick spray of dry shampoo in the middle of the day to keep them looking fresh and full,” Saltzman said.


    “Layers can add major volume to hair, as long if they are cut in proportion to the length,” says Saltzman. Just be wary of cutting too many layers on longer hair, as it can make the ends appear very thin. Wendt especially likes adding layers to fine, curly hair as they “help the shape to expand and give the hair more volume.” 

    Natural texture

    If your hair has any natural wave or texture, Wendt advises to stay away from the flat iron. “Diffuse your natural curl and stop ironing your hair. Recently, a client came in thinking that she didn’t have any natural wave. I cut and styled it to enhance her natural texture and it had so much volume, she couldn’t believe it was her hair.” 

    To make the most of your texture, Saltzman shares this technique: Comb your hair in the shower with a wide tooth comb after conditioner and dry with a microfiber towel. Apply your go-to styling product and flip hair upside down. Concentrating on the roots, lift the hair away from the scalp and use a blow dryer on low speed to dry the roots. To enhance any natural waves or curls, use a diffuser on the end of the blow dryer. 


    This cropped cut can be adjusted to your hair texture and face shape. “It’s very versatile and can be worn short on top or with a little more length on top but still short around the head,” explains Saltzman. Keeping your hair very short will allow you to create fullness and texture. “Your face shape will determine what length and cut will look best. For example, if your face is round, a pixie that is shorter on the sides and a little longer on top with a side swept bang would look best.”

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