How Hair Vitamins Can Help Fill Nutritional Gaps

You are what you eat, and one of the most noticeable areas of the body where you can see that mantra in action is your hair. In addition to protein—a building block of hair—experts recommend zinc, vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin, and amino acids to help build a healthy head of hair. That means rounding out your plate with hair-boosting whole foods like eggs, avocados, mackerel, cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, and berries. (Acai is another nutrient-dense hair helper; you’ll find acai oil in our hair oil.)

But hair is such a complex component of your body—one that’s affected by nutrition, yes, but also your genetics, environment (i.e. UV rays), stress, age, certain medications, and how you style your hair. You might be able to make up for some of those agitators through a well-rounded diet and reducing stress, but hair vitamins can be a tool to help fill the gaps.

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    A holistic approach to hair

    Just like physical health is a multi-factor journey that includes diet, exercise, mindfulness, and understanding your genetics, so is hair health. We’re big believers in a well-rounded lifestyle so your hair (and everything else about you) can feel and look its best. That means eating all those aforementioned nutrients, clocking in regular workouts, and making time for self-care (including scalp massages!). They’re all supplements to make a whole.

    But let’s face it. Sometimes you want French fries and wine over a workout and green smoothie. Or you’re way too stressed out to meditate. Or too bogged down with deadlines to get in a workout. It’s difficult to stay on-point 24/7. That’s where hair vitamins can be useful and why we created Root Source™, supplements with hair-healthy nutrients conveniently contained in two plant-based capsules.

    The science behind Root Source™ hair supplements

    We worked closely with a team of scientists to create a GMO-free, gluten-free supplement made with ingredients shown to promote a balanced scalp, encourage hair growth, fight shedding, and boost shine and thickness. Best of all, it’s packed with plenty of ingredients found in nature, including wheat, turmeric, sesame seeds, and California Wild Grape*.

    To ensure Root Source™ was up to the task, our proprietary hair vitamin base blend made of millet seed extract, wheat, and coriander oil was tested through a 12-week clinical study of 60 women (the full formula includes other ingredients tailored to your unique hair needs).

    Here’s a primer on each all-star ingredient:

    ONLY GOOD HAIR DAYS—What goes into your Prose is just as good as what you get out of it.SEE ALL INGREDIENTS

    The proof was in the numbers. After six weeks, the women noticed less scalp dryness and that their hair was significantly shinier and healthier. After 12 weeks, 91% of the participants saw a reduction in hair loss and 75% noticed an increase in shine and softness. We saw the same impact in ex vivo lab studies, with millet stimulating cell growth in the hair follicle bulb while boosting hydration in the skin and coriander oil creating a barrier to fortify the scalp*. (Keep in mind that if you’re under medical treatment or experiencing androgenic alopecia, we recommend consulting a doctor before taking supplements.)

    Just like a proper diet, regular exercise, and good sleep are key to a healthy lifestyle, hair vitamins can be another essential element of your health toolkit. But for all those times when you can’t be on your A-game, Root Source™ is an easy way to help fill the gaps. It’s about adding it alongside your other healthy habits to ensure you’re getting the best out of your hair and the best out of you.

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