How To Hang Eucalyptus in the Shower

Looking for ways to create spa vibes at home? There’s no need to do a full bathroom remodel. Small touches like using eucalyptus in the shower can help you escape the stresses of the day. Each time you enjoy a steamy shower, you can also inhale the earthy, minty fragrance of fresh eucalyptus.

Hanging this leafy plant in your shower isn’t difficult, but it requires a little prep work to get the greatest benefit. Below is a guide for adding this soothing greenery to your bathroom, including how and why you should do it. 

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    Benefits of Eucalyptus

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    Eucalyptus leaves are the preferred snack of koalas, but they also serve up some appealing benefits for your body. You’ll find eucalyptus in a variety of products, from hair oil to skincare, because of the benefits, which include:


    In addition to these potential benefits, eucalyptus has a relaxing effect on the body. Hanging eucalyptus in your shower can help you unwind after a long day.

    Why You Should Hang Eucalyptus in the Shower

    Why is your shower the ideal spot for a eucalyptus bunch? All that steam you create with your hot showers helps coax the beneficial oils out of the leaves and acts essentially like a diffuser. The steam also holds the oils in the air so you can really soak up the effects while you shower.

    How To Hang Eucalyptus in the Shower

    Hanging eucalyptus in the shower is a popular social media hack, and it’s a quick and easy bathroom upgrade. A little prep work and your leaves are ready to go for your next shower. Follow these steps to create a hidden mini spa in your shower:


    The eucalyptus oils can be irritating if they directly touch your skin or eyes, so you don’t want the leaves in the water stream. Putting the leaves in the water stream can also shorten the life of the eucalyptus. The ideal spot is near but not in the water stream, so the steam can still reach the leaves. 

    You’ll need to replace the eucalyptus bundle once you no longer notice its distinctive fragrance. This usually happens after about a week, but let your nose guide the timing.

    Add More Eucalyptus to Your Shower

    If you can’t get enough of the eucalyptus scent and benefits, you can add it to your shower in several ways. Here are some ideas:


    Eucalyptus in the shower can create a relaxing, spa-like experience. Having the right haircare products also helps you get the most out of your shower. Take the Prose hair consultation to find your customized formula to support your hair care goals.

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