Medium Length Easy Hairstyles

Not too short and not too long, medium length hair has made a comeback in the last few years. Medium length is no longer seen as just a grow-out phase; it’s a chic trend of its own. In fact, there are actually plenty of cute ways to style mid length hair. 

This hair length falls somewhere around the tops of your shoulders and your collarbone. Medium length hair looks good straight, wavy, curly, or slicked back. This versatile length is easy to style when you have the right tips. In this article, we will help you find an easy, go-to style for your cute mid-length do. What are some medium length cute hairstyles based on your hair type? Learn more here.

Table of Contents

    1. Straight

    Straightening your medium length hair is a great way to show off a blunt, sleek edge. Simply spray your hair with a heat protecting spray, then section off and straighten your hair with a flat iron, section by section. 

    If you want to rock this style, be sure to keep your hair healthy and your ends neat by getting routine trims every six to eight weeks. To dress up this look, try adding a sparkly headband or cute clips.

    2. Textured bun

    A textured bun is great for days when you’re feeling nostalgic for longer hair. Simply pull all your hair up into a bun, then pull little pieces out for a relaxed, messy bun look. Feel free to leave out a couple of front pieces for an even more laid back effect. This style works great with medium length hair that has a wave or curl to it.

    If you have straight hair, this could be a cute look to rock the day after curling your hair. Just pop on some dry shampoo at the roots and pull your hair into a textured bun. This is a great way to get two good hair days out of one styling session.

    3. Half bun

    Looking for a cute hairstyle for your mid length hair, but you think your hair may be too short? Is your medium length hair too short to pull into a textured high bun? Not to worry. This cool look can also be accomplished by only pulling half of your hair up into a bun. This half-up look is relaxed, easy, and stylish. 

    The half-bun can also be worn with curly hair, straight hair, or wavy hair. No matter your hair’s texture, this look is a great go-to for any occasion. You can also change up this look to a half high pony if you want. The half do is a staple for medium length hair.

    4. Space buns

    Want to add a sprinkle more cuteness to your bun look? Go for two! Two buns are a cute way to style medium length hair of any type. You can do a half double bun if your hair is too short for a full bun.

    If your hair is super curly, this look is extra cute! Go ahead, get creative with the double bun of your choice.

    5. Slicked back ponytail

    This hairstyle is great for curly hair. It gets your hair out of your face while still showing off your curls. Simply apply a bit of gel through your hair to get a nice slick texture. Then part your hair down the middle and bush down each side of your hair until they meet in the back. Wrap your pony in a hair tie, and voila, you have an easy, sleek hairstyle in just a couple of minutes. 

    This style can also work for straight hair. To style this look for straight hair, part your hair down the middle and brush it back into a tight ponytail. Secure with a hair tie, then apply a little bit of hairspray to your slicked-back sides to lock them in.

    6. Volumized low pony

    A low ponytail is an easy way to style your medium length hair any day. This style looks effortless and beautiful. Just bring your hair into a low ponytail and scrunch in a volumizing product. For a little extra something, use a cute scrunchie. This look is great for an easy-going, no-makeup kind of day.

    7. Front braid

    If you know how to french braid, try braiding just the small front section of your hair into a braid. This will keep your layers out of your face but also allow you to wear your hair down. This look works on all types and textures of hair and is really cute for any occasion.

    8. Textured french braid

    If you are a skilled french braider, then this is a great, easy option for a cute updo, suitable for workouts and formal events alike. French braid all of your hair into one braid, starting at the front and moving to the back. If you’re having trouble with slippery layers, then use a bit of texturizing spray to make your hair less slippery. This will also create a more textured look. 

    You can either leave your short braid at the bottom or tuck it up into the style with some bobby pins. When done with medium length hair, this look is very stylish. You can also add decorative bobby pins for a special occasion.

    9. Twisted

    In a super rush? This look is so quick and easy; it’s perfect for non-braiders. Just twist one or two sections of your hair along the hairline, then pin it with a bobby pin or two. You can do this with any type or texture of medium length hair. It is very versatile and can be worn with hair that is down or hair that is pinned back in a bun. 

    To use this styling technique for a halo bun, simply part your hair and twist back on each side, grabbing more hair as you work your way along. Once you meet in the back, pull the leftover hair in the back into a bun or ponytail. This is a great look for exercising, going to work, or just getting your hair out of your face.

    10. Natural

    The great thing about medium length hairstyles is that they look chic even without any effort. If you take care of your hair and keep it healthy, it will have a natural shine to it that is better than any style you can do. Make sure that you use a good lineup of products to keep your hair in tip-top shape. A conditioner that is good for your hair type is especially important to keep your locks shining.

    If you take care of your hair properly, you should be able to let it air dry then wear it how it is. The cut is chic enough that it speaks for itself, so rock it au naturale once in a while–you can pull it off.

    And that’s a wrap

    With the ease and versatility of medium length hair, you will never be out of fun hairstyles to try. Medium length hair looks great on all hair types and textures, and there are endless ways to keep styling interesting without spending hours on getting the right look. Looking for more hair tips for medium length hair?

    Keep experimenting, and you will find your go-to easy looks in no time. Just remember, healthy hair habits are the starting point for brag-worthy locks.

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