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The Best Low-Maintenance Haircuts & Styles for College

Daley Quinn
August 6, 2020
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Below, you’ll find seven cuts, colors, and styles that require little to no effort, so that you can focus on more important college things (think tailgating before the big game or actually making it on time to your 8 am Intro to Psych class).

Long Bob (aka “The Lob”)


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Although there are many versions of the lob, the idea remains the same: it’s basically a long bob that’s as easy to maintain as it is cute. Some like to take a flat iron to their lob to create a wave for extra-texture, but if you’re feeling low-key, this cut is just as flattering with your natural texture. Simply wash your hair, apply curl cream, then either scrunch or twist your hair and let it air dry.

Messy Bun


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Another look that is perfect with natural texture, and probably the easiest hairstyle in the books, the messy bun, requires approximately 30 seconds to master before heading out the door. First, bring your hair into a high ponytail. Then, twist your hair until it’s taut and start wrapping it around the base. Secure with a hair elastic, and begin pulling at the bun a bit to loosen it up, hence the “messy” effect. Take little pieces of hair out at the front to frame your face.



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Embrace your natural curls with some help from a few key products. First, wash and condition your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that has the right ingredients for your specific hair type and texture. Once you’re out of the shower, use a detangling hairbrush to comb through your locks before applying styling products. Next, apply curl cream from mid-shaft to ends for defined, bouncy texture. (And yes, curl cream is for wavy hair, too!) To avoid frizziness and flyaways, finish the look with a few drops of hair oil applied to ends.



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Yes, this hair color might take a while to apply at the hair salon, but the upkeep couldn’t be easier because, well, there basically is no upkeep. Since most balayage styles work to preserve your base color and blend with your natural roots, it’s incredibly easy to grow out this look without having to go back to the salon as frequently. To keep the color from fading, always make sure to use color-safe haircare products when washing and styling.

Long Pixie Cut


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Does it get any more low-maintenance than a pixie cut? We think not. No matter what hair texture you have, the long pixie cut is easy to wash, air dry, and go about your merry way. For those with curly hair, consider applying curl cream for defined coils, and for straight or fine hair, dry shampoo will help keep oiliness at bay while giving your pixie some extra volume up top.

Hair Accessories


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Adding a fun hair clip, barrette, or scarf is a painless way to add some oomph to your look. We also love that hair accessories don’t discriminate—whether you have short, medium, long, straight, wavy, curly, or colored strands, accessories are great across the hair spectrum.

Braided Ponytail


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Ladies with longer locks, this one’s perfect for you. Simply brush your hair into a high pony and secure with an elastic. If you want extra shine and added sleekness, apply a few drops of hair oil to the pony before braiding. Next, braid your hair and secure with another elastic. Voila—an easy twist on the simple high pony look!


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