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Low-Maintenance Hair Just In Time For Summer

July 24, 2019

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Fussy, multi-step hairstyles have officially met their match thanks to this summer’s heat wave. To help you combat hot temps and hair havoc, we’ve enlisted NYC hair stylist Valerie Vanessa to assist in compiling a list of our favorite low-maintenance hairstyles. From pixie cuts to layered locks, these styles will let you spend your summer days enjoying the (sweltering) outdoors instead of in front of a mirror primping.

Short Snips

There’s a reason why everyone from flappers to fashion models have traded in their long locks for a cropped cut at one point or another: it’s the easiest way to simplify your hair care routine. Short hair that’s cut above the ears is inherently edgy, and the options are limitless, with everything from choppy pixies to fringed curls on the menu. Plus, short haircuts emphasize your natural features, dry quickly and require less product than other styles (a win for your pocket). But be sure to note, while short hair may seem effortless, it still requires cleansing from high-quality products and regular trips to the salon for trims.

Dark Dyed ‘Dos

Going blonde or silver can be tempting, but hair that has been lightened can be hard to maintain, especially if your natural tresses are dark or inherently dry. If you want to switch up your look, try going for a darker shade such as a rich chocolate or an auburn red, both of which will be more forgiving to regrowth while also retaining more moisture. However, if you are tied to the idea of lighter locks, consider opting for highlights that will give your hair a lower maintenance lift.

Vanessa’s Pro Tip: “Some people go to the salon wanting to be a blonde bombshell, but there is an at home hair care aspect that gets overlooked. If you’re going to go blonde keep heat styling to a minimum or open yourself up to darker hair colors.”

Long Layers

Contrary to popular belief, long hair doesn’t have to be time-consuming. When your hair begins to feel weighty, ask your stylist to cut your locks into face-framing layers. Layered hair can be styled easily with the fingers, producing voluminous, shapely strands without the need for heat or heavy products. Make sure you visit a hair stylist that specializes in cutting your hair type so that your layered look is both flattering and friendly to your natural hair.

Vanessa’s Pro Tip: “Some people go to a cutter for a style and not for their hair’s texture. It’s very important to understand how layers will work on your hairstyle, so seek out someone who can lighten up your locks by removing excess weight but who also specializes in your hair type. The more individualized the cut, the better it will hold up.”

Blunt Cut

Blunt cuts, styles that are sheared into a straight line at the end of strands, are both sleek and versatile, bringing an instant touch of class to wearers. For women with thin hair, blunt cuts give the illusion of density and texture while remaining light. Flattering on short hair as well as a long, a good blunt cut will last you all season long and maintain its sharp edge between salon visits.

Modern Updos

Updos aren’t just for weddings and the gym. Scrunchies (which are having a major comeback), pins and other accessories can be styled to keep hair away from the face in a fashion-forward way. The possibilities are endless and include: a half up, half down style, retro off-center ponytail, sleek, low pony or even a youthful, high pony.

Vanessa’s Pro Tip: “On hot, humid days a cute textured bun or ponytail can go a long way. Add a bit of curl cream or nourishing oil to it, throw it up and walk out, no one will know that you’re giving your hair TLC and styling at the same time.”

Start with hair care

However you define low maintenance, understand that it starts with healthy strands.

Vanessa’s Pro Tip: “People forget the power of a good shampoo, conditioner and brush. Picking the right ones will set the foundation for get-up-and-go hair. In between salon visits, I like to use dry shampoo for a refresh, especially in the summer. I also love to keep oil nearby, it’s a quick way to add a little life to the ends and to add a glistening sheen—even if it’s easy to maintain, you want to keep your hair looking like it’s full of life.”


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Amber Alston is a New York-based beauty and culture writer whose work has appeared in Office Magazine, Bullett Magazine and others. A storyteller by nature, her work frames urban life, fashion, and beauty around specific histories and cultures. In addition to writing, Amber also styles and conceptualizes fashion shoots. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

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