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Maracuja Oil Will Make Your Hair Crazy Strong

September 30, 2019

1 Min read

Has the ingredient maracuja oil ever come onto your beauty radar? It’s held in high esteem within the skincare industry for its promise of firmer, brighter skin. But, did you know that it also boasts some pretty amazing hair benefits? Learn all about the powerful maracuja plant and why Prose loves it, below.

Where does maracuja oil come from?

Maracuja, also known as yellow passion fruit, is harvested from the passion flower plant in South America. Prose sources maracuja oil from Casma, Peru which is just a few hundred miles North of Lima. Our maracujas are harvested from January to April in small to medium sized family farms that employ just nineteen people in total. Since our maracuja oil is obtained by cold-pressing the dried maracuja seeds, the fruit is then sent to a small factory in Lima, only thirty one employees, where that process takes place. A fun fact to note about the sustainable sourcing of our maracuja oil is that it saves 63,000 tons of maracuja seeds from going unused as they’re usually seen as waste by the food industry.

Our supplier is proudly B-Corp certified, just as we are, and is also a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade. He has also been committed to the Union Nation Global Compact framework since 2004 and was awarded the Ecovadis gold medal for excellence in corporate social responsibility. We pride ourselves in partnering with suppliers who can match our high ethical standards.

So, what does maracuja oil do for you hair?

Maracuja oil is particularly great for people who are dealing with breakage as it’s super strengthening. Thanks to its high concentration of tocotrienols and tocopherols, members of the Vitamin E family, it strengthens strands along with protecting them from external aggressors such as powerful UV rays and pollution. You’ll find this mighty ingredient in our custom hair oil and conditioner.


Interested in adding maracuja oil to your hair care routine? See if it’s integrated into your custom Prose routine by taking your consultation, here.



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