How to Bounce Back After Straightening Your Curls

There’s nothing quite like a fresh blowout. But for people with curly hair, there’s always the worry that our curls won’t bounce back after straightening them. While concerns about your hair’s ability to withstand heat styling are valid, the good news is that there are several things you can do before, during, and after straightening to minimize heat damage and protect your curl pattern. Prose Director of Education Faith Huffnagle shares six must-know tips that will help you take extra care of your curly hair post-straightening.

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    Ensure that you protect your hair during the straightening process.

    When it comes to protecting your curls and coils, begin with the end in mind. That said, if you want your curls to spring back to life post-blowout, it’s critical to protect your hair before and during the straightening process. “When straightening hair, it’s important to use some form of heat protection as well as being mindful of the temperature of your styling tools,” says Faith Huffnagle, Director of Education at Prose. She recommends setting your flat iron’s temperature no higher than 365 degrees. “Anything hotter than 450 will burn the hair indefinitely no matter what your texture is. Choosing tools that come with a temperature dial is the best way to control the amount of heat that comes in contact with your hair because, truthfully, anything above 400° isn’t a good idea.”

    Prioritize protecting your strands while they’re blown out.

    How you care for your hair right after straightening it matters as well. “Once the hair has been straightened, it’s important not to apply heat every day after that continuously,” explains Huffnagle. “Investing in a silk bonnet or pillowcase as well as a night routine to pin hair up will keep the style looking fresh until wash day.”

    Incorporate a deep conditioner into your wash day.

    One of the best ways to care for your curly tresses after straightening them is to do a deep conditioning mask. “Deep conditioning treatments after heat styling is a great way to encourage fiber repair and strengthening, which will result in curl uniformity,” says Huffnagle. “Although water is the ultimate moisturizer for all textures, using quality products customized for your strands can target the specific needs of your hair type.” All of the pre-shampoo hair mask formulas contain hydrating ingredients like jojoba and castor oil, which deliver much-need moisture and nourishment to your hair from root to ends.


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    Give your scalp a little extra TLC.

    Healthy hair starts with your scalp, so it’s beneficial to add a treatment like the pre-shampoo scalp mask into your routine after you’ve straightened your curls. “Replenishing the hair and scalp after a blowout and before shampooing is a great way to detox, reduce buildup, and target the hair fibers with custom active ingredients that are tailor-made to your specific needs,” says Huffnagle. You’ll find nourishing and stimulating ingredients such as pro-vitamin B5 and peppermint extract in many of the custom scalp mask formulations.

    Reach for the right styling products after cleansing your hair.

    After you’ve washed your hair and your curls have returned, it’s time to turn your attention to styling products. It’s important to coat your curls with products that will deeply penetrate your strands and deliver maximum hydration and nourishment. “Products such as leave-in conditioners and silicone-free cold-pressed hair oils are great to use after hair has been straightened,” explains Huffnagle. “The leave-in conditioner will add moisture balance back into the strands–which can have a positive effect on elasticity–and the hair oils are extremely nutritive and nourishing, which support the overall health of the hair.”

    Avoid using products with moisture-stripping ingredients.

    Certain ingredients have proven to be incredibly harsh when applied to textured hair. “Curly hair should avoid products containing drying alcohols and shampoos with harsh sulfates,” says Huffnagle. “Instead, use sulfate-free shampoos to cleanse. Deep conditioners and alcohol-free gels are recommended to use after.” In all of Prose’s products, you’ll never find sulfates, parabens, GMOs, phthalates, or alcohols on the ingredient list–making them perfect for curly hair.


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