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Banish Oily Roots Using Dry Shampoo

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Emily Bowen
October 14, 2019
Home Hair Tips How-To Banish Oily Roots Using Dry Shampoo

Everyone can use dry shampoo, but it’s particularly a hero product for those with oily roots. Prose’s custom dry shampoo uses ingredients like tapioca starch, kaolin clay, witch hazel and rice starch to sop up the excess oil that can burden strands. Pick up a few different techniques to give your hair the refresh it deserves, below.

1. Start by brushing your hair to distribute the natural oils evenly

2. Part your hair as needed

3. Hold bottle 6 to 8 inches away from hair

4. Press lightly to spray dry shampoo

5. Watch as the powder cloud distributes dry shampoo evenly for all over volume

6. For more targeted cleansing, pump dry shampoo into your hands and apply directly to roots

7. Wait 30 seconds for powder to absorb

8. Massage to help oil fully absorb and add a boost of volume and lift at the same time

9. Add dry shampoo to your brush for finishing touches

10. Go about your day with refreshed roots and happy hair!



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