Why Plum Oil is the Next Big Beauty Oil

Plum oil—a known beauty and food superstar in France—is our chemists’ latest favorite ingredient for Prose. And for good reason. Plum oil has benefits that beat out even the most popular hair heroes, like argan and jojoba, and is great for all hair types. Here, we deep dive into the history behind plum oil, where it’s sourced and the overall benefits to plum oil in hair care.

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    What is plum oil and where is it sourced?

    Grown in the Gascony region of southwest France, the Prune d’Ente trees produce the sweetest plums in Europe (and many would say, the world). These plums are usually dried into pruneaux d’Agen, or Agen prunes known for their rich, luscious flavor. The oil itself is extracted by cold pressing the plum kernel almonds. The process itself is also a very sustainable solution as it produces zero waste, right down to the fragrance itself. As it has a very pleasing natural fragrance, it doesn’t need to be deodorized, meaning there is one less step in the production process. The delicate almond fragrance is especially great as a natural option for those who prefer fragrance-free formulas.

    Why plum oil is beauty’s best-kept secret

    As part of ongoing research, Prose chemists discovered the benefits of plum oil during an evaluation of over 300 oils. They found that plum oil’s conditioning quality outperforms other well-known oils, such as jojoba or argan, making it an ideal oil for both the pre-shampoo mask as well as the conditioner. It now serves as an alternative to synthetic ingredients such as cationic actives or silicone. It’s also an amazing ingredient for treating irritated, dry scalp, especially after chemical processing. While, plum oil is fantastic on its own, it works well when combined with other ingredients within your custom Prose formula. For example, using plum oil along with oat oil is perfect for color protection.

    The benefits of plum oil in beauty

    A super antioxidant

    Plum oil contains three times more tocopherols (i.e. vitamin E) than olive oil making it perfect for preventing damage due to external and environmental aggressors, and for restoring hair fibers. Plum oil is also eight times more powerful than argan oil and six times more powerful than marula oil when it comes to protecting your hair from free radical damage.

    A conditioning & restorative agent

    Plum oil contains large amounts of linoleic acid which helps make hair softer and silkier. In addition to bringing as much suppleness as synthetic and classical compounds used in conditioners, plum oil is also nutritive due to its high content in fatty acids. With nourishing omega fatty acids and powerful vitamins, like vitamins A and E, plum oil helps to heal, hydrate, balance, and restore dull hair.

    Works well for all hair types

    Plum oil provides the intense hydration of a heavier oil but absorbs quickly and feels light. This ability to nourish hair without weighing it down makes it the perfect ingredient for those who have fine hair, which can have a tendency to become greasy.

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