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prose tiktoks

Our Favorite Prose TikToks of the Week

November 19, 2021

3 Min read

At Prose we love a good Tiktok, here’s a roundup of some of our favorites that our team has posted this week—from hair tutorials to trends.

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1. Trending Now: The Princess Diana haircut 

Princess Di will always be a trend setter. See how people are recreating her iconic short cut here.

2. How to style your shag

Prose social media intern Allie shows us how she styles her shag. It’s giving wolf cut

3. How to deal with cold weather hair 


Fall is here & cold weather is on the way — here’s how you can help your strands stay healthy. ##fallhair ##winterhair ##hydrationiskey

♬ Ashes - Official Sound Studio

Learn how to keep your hair healthy during the cold fall and winter months.

4. Dry shampoo saves the (wash) day 

Thank you dry shampoo for letting us extend time between wash days. 

5. How to care for your scalp


Scalp sensitivity, buildup or discomfort? Anne-Sophie from our R&D team shared 5 easy ways to give your scalp some love. ##scalpheath

♬ San Tropez - Illect Recordings

Anne-Sophie from our R&D team shares five easy ways to show your scalp some love.  

6. Curly bangs vlog


Prose’s editor Emily takes us on a curly bang journey with Mischa G at Treehouse Social Club ✨ ##curlycut ##curlybangs ##editorlife

♬ Passion - 😘🙈☺️

Prose editor Emily takes the plunge and gets curly bangs.

7. Prose fall fragrance inspired cocktail


In need of a new fall drink? We have you covered: here's something refreshing to try, inspired by our fall fragrance Arcadia. 🍋🌿 ##drinktime

♬ original sound - Prose

Our fall fragrance Arcadia was the inspiration behind this fresh cocktail. 

8. Supplements shoutout 


The end of the year can get stressful: here’s how custom hair supplements can support healthy hair, all fall long ✨ ##rootsource ##hairsupplements

♬ Shipyard Sample OriginalMix - Official Sound Studio

Learn how Prose supplements can help support healthy hair year round. 

9. The difference between conditioner and leave-in 


Ever wondered the difference between a Leave-In & regular conditioner? We have you covered. ##hairhacksandtips ##hydratedhair ##hairproductsyouneed

♬ Countless - Official Sound Studio

Similar name, very different uses. Learn the difference between regular conditioner and leave-in conditioner.

10. TikTok is a full-time job

Prose social media strategist Kaeli works HARD. 


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