Infuse Your Haircare Routine with Self-Love

February is a month when love is at the forefront of our minds. With Valentine’s Day content making its rounds, romantic love can seem to hold greater importance than anything else.However, it’s actually more crucial than ever to prioritize and nurture not only platonic love but also self-love at a time when the world is moving so quickly. According to author Mason Olds, “Often, we are reluctant to promote self-love because we confuse it with selfishness. Since we are humans, we ought to have a healthy love for ourselves; it is from this that our love flows out to others.”

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    Even though self-love and self-care can be a bit daunting, it is actually far simpler to indulge in than you may realize. With a bit of work and active effort, you can make just about anything into an act of self-love. In fact, you may already be doing things every day that tick those boxes e without even realizing it. If you’re looking to consciously make the effort to upgrade some of your daily habits into self-love routines, starting with your haircare, here are five tips to get you started.

    1. Meet yourself with gratitude

    A large part of self-love is giving yourself the same love and compassion that you give to others. With your haircare routine, it is important to meet yourself wherever you are in your hair journey. While you may have goals you are working towards, it is important to recognize that all hair is beautiful no matter the length, texture, color, or shape.

    2. Find an amount of time that works for you

    A big mistake people often make when attempting to incorporate self-care into their day is not finding the amount of time that actually works for them and instead  trying to create an overcomplicated routine that isn’t realistic. Set aside an amount of time to be completely dedicated to yourself that isn’t overzealous or unrealistic. Neither your haircare or self-love routine needs to be 10 steps or three hours (unless you want it to be!).


    Romanticizing my AM hair routine w/ @Prose These are formulated just for me, to meet my hair needs and goals! Ready for ValentinesDay! #prosepartner

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    3. Start implementing affirmations

    It seems silly at first, but speaking aloud the things that you love about yourself is a game-changer when it comes to self-love. It gives you  space to recognize the things that you love and appreciate about yourself in a safe environment. Your affirmations don’t have to be limited to your physical appearance or hair, they can touch on any aspect of yourself.

    4. Set your space

    To create a relaxing and stress-free environment, aromatherapy can be extremely helpful. You can use candles, bath salts, soaps, or oil diffusers in your bathroom to help set the space. You can also do guided meditation or play your favorite music. Make the most of your time by adding a hair mask or scalp mask into the mix.

    5. Focus completely on yourself

    Above all else, self-love is centered around accepting yourself exactly as you are—so tune out any external noise and truly focus on only yourself and your feelings. Although it is relatively easy to implement this on a small scale during your haircare routine, you’ll be surprised at how this can ripple into other areas of your life.