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Trending Now: Cinnamon Red Balayage Hair Color

January 20, 2022

1 Min read

No, cinnamon red balayage is not something you can get at a bakery, although this winter 2022 trend is just as sweet. (Sorry in advance for the dad jokes!) But seriously, red balayage is in and it’s the perfect style to warm up your look in these freezing temps, not to mention your complexion. In addition to perfectly matching that mulled wine we’re going to be drinking so much of, red balayage is a great way to “spice” up your winter aesthetic, as the bright colors of our wardrobe are inevitably swapped out for winter creams, blacks, and browns.

The magic of red balayage lies in more than just the rich, warm color, it’s about the balayage technique itself. Unlike a single process color which covers the entirety of your head, or highlights that start at the root, balayage is a coloring technique that involves adding color to the ends of your hair and blending upwards with your natural color. That means endless ways to customize the cinnamon red balayage trend to suit your look. You can add in just a little red at the ends for a fiery flare, or start the red closer to your roots for a full cinnamon moment. Whichever direction you turn, one of the best things about balayage is that way it grows out. Because the color blends upwards while leaving some of your natural hue, you can grow the style out while retaining your original look. That means less trips to the salon, and more time to enjoy your luxuriously warm new winter red.

Red cinnamon balayage inspo

woman with long, dark red hair
@hannahggbeauty perfectly blended her client’s dark roots with fiery, red ends.
woman with long red balayage hair
@ajkhanx is a standout with her red balayage and black hair.
woman with face framing red balayage hair color
The face-framing, red balayage @jdang_hair painted onto her client’s hair really makes her eyes pop.
woman with bright red balayage hair color
@zoliloveshair’s client will definitely turn heads with this bright, red hue.



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