How to Use Styling Gel

Cream, mousse, gel, oh my. Here’s the thing, using gel on textured hair is generally a win because it elongates and sets curls giving them lasting staying power. However, selecting the proper formulation and layering process is where things get tricky. But that’s why we’re here to help break it all down. So let’s get to it! 

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    Wash ‘N’ Go

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    For many people with waves and curls, using gels can feel like a hit or miss. Either the formula leaves hair too crunchy or doesn’t provide enough hold. Well, of course, selecting the right gel can take some trial and error, but once you get the formula just right, you’re on your way. Prose’s new custom Styling Gel takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect formula. It’s versatile, alcohol-free, and can be customized to your hold level of choice. What more can you ask for?! 

    For wash ‘N’ go’s or diffusing, you’ll want to start with a leave-in conditioner, apply your curl cream, and then layer on your gel. If your hair is type-4 like mine, sitting under a hooded dryer to set your hair post-applying gel is a game changer.

    If you’re letting your curls do their thing, you’ll also want to consider your hair porosity. For example, if you have low porosity hair, you should always apply any styling products, including gel, to soaking wet hair. 

    Slicked Back Buns and Ponytails

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    Slicking back textured hair is pretty simple. But depending on your hair’s density and curls, you’ll probably need to start with a damp and, in some cases, wet canvas. Like the wash ‘N’ go, a gel is going to perform its best with the help of a bit of H2O. Then, using a spray bottle, you can gently wet the hair. And, of course, you can always work with freshly washed hair. 

    Now it’s time for the gel. We’ve likely all been a little heavy-handed with gels in the past (hey, we know you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to get the look you’re after.) But that can lead to unwanted stiffness and hair that doesn’t budge. So, we say, take the less is more approach. Start with a little gel and apply more as needed. Make sure not to start this process without detangling the hair with a wide tooth comb or brush before applying hair gel. Once that’s done, then go in with a styling brush to smooth down the hair. 

    Laying Down Baby Hair

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    Laying down baby hair is an art. And the right gel is a part of laying the canvas. For baby hair, you want to start with a small amount of gel to prevent flaking (and FYI, Prose’s Styling Gel is formulated to be flake-free.) You’ll also need a toothbrush or a tool like the Baby Tress Edge Styler to create the intricate design you’re after. You can also keep things very simple while using the same tools. Again, using water here is a good idea to make the baby hair more pliable. Next, set the hair and tie down your edges with a silk or satin scarf.

    Make sure to take your Prose consultation today to get matched with your custom Styling Gel formula as well as the rest of your routine including Shampoo, Curl Cream, Hair Oil, and more! 

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