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4 women with summer hair color trends

2021 Summer Hair Color Trends Taking Over

June 9, 2021

2 Min read

Summer is here and we can barely contain our excitement. We’re shopping for summer dresses, planning  beach trips, and reconsidering our winter hair color. Yep, summer is in the air, and soon, it’s going to be in our hair. Maybe it’s the less is more mentality that quarantining gifted us or how much we’ve matured over the months, but this season, revamping old hair is all about rich and luscious natural colors (with some fun exceptions of course!) Read on for the summer hair color trends for 2021.

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Honey blonde

While everyone loves a bright, white blonde hair moment, what’s really trending for summer 2021 is a deeper honey blonde. The warm tones come in all different shades, from light honey to deep amber, but what unites them all is the incredibly warm and perfect for summer “golden hour” effect that it gives. 


Chocolate brown 

It’s in the name. Chocolate brown is a deliciously rich color for the summer. It’s luxurious and sensual, and looks great paired with a summer glow. 


Pops of color 

As promised, there are a few key exceptions to the natural trends of summer 2021, and one of them is hot off the tails of geometric eyeliner and multicolored nails. Whether it’s just a splash of red, or the rainbow painted across your head, pops of color are a fun way to express your vivacious personality and make every single outfit look funky.


All kinds of highlights

There’s no such thing as a summer hair color round up without highlights. A tried and true hair color look that has stood the test of time, highlights come in all different shapes and sizes. From frosted tips to the classic streaks, they will never go out of style. 


The “money piece”

Funky meets natural with the “money piece.” This hair color implies dying just the front sections for a face framing pop. Think Cruella Devil but less evil. Unless that’s what you’re going for! 


Pink all over 

Last but not least, another exception to a natural summer palette: pink. Thing is, pink feels so right that it might as well be natural! While a full head single color dye may be on the way out, pink is one of the colors that has stuck around, thank goodness!



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Lee Phillips is a freelance New York based storyteller across mediums. With a BFA in writing from The New School, Phillips uses language to convey her personal truths and imagine new worlds in fiction, poetry, screen writing and non-fiction. Her non-fiction can be found in office Magazine, CryBaby Zine, Period Space, Chanel Void, Editorial Magazine, 10011 Magazine and includes editorial work for brands. Her creative writing is published in Unvaeled Journal, Rookie Magazine, and her poetry book, “Nowhere Words,”  published in September of 2020.  In all of her work, she believes in creating content that engages viewers through shared experience and authentic narratives, rather than elitism or insecurity. Follow her instagram @c.har.lee for more.

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