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Trendy Haircuts for Short Hair

March 20, 2019

1 Min read

It seemed like 2018 was the year of big chops. A lot of people opted to shed some extra weight by trimming their tresses shoulder length or shorter, and the trend has done nothing but pick up in the current year. Whether it’s a sleek bob or accompanied by short, curly bangs, an abbreviated style is majorly trending.

Sleek Bob

A pin straight bob with not one hair out of place will always be chic. The trick is getting the ends just right and ideally so straight that they’d pass a leveling test. Hair is an architectural art, after all. This cut is rocked by the beautiful Railynne Danzot (@railynne_really).

Curly Bangs

Curly bangs may sound terrifying to some, but they actually give off extremely flirty vibes that anyone would do a double take for.

Coily Bangs

Curly hair that has a tighter coil to it holds a beautiful shape when chopped short. Add some extra flair to your look by rocking eye-catching bangs. This gorgeous cut is by Jessica Arnold (@hairspell).

Textured Bob

A bob with a slight bend in it skyrocketed to popularity thanks to Jen Atkin who, because of her clientele, branded her slightly textured, short style as the default supermodel hair.


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⚡ The Heir Movement ⚡

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Short Box Braids

Upgrade already fabulous box braids by going for a less conventional, short version of them. The cheek hugging strands will frame your face in the most flattering way.


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Angular Bob

An angular bob is a great way to add major volume to your hair. A fun twist on this style is to achieve it with curly hair. This short style ensures that your curls won’t be weighed down and can fully flourish.

Micro Afro

Embracing your natural texture is always a good idea. Plus, a super short style will show off your face to the max.


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Happy hair days from @jessica_manning and her Prose formulas 🤗

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Curly Shag

Getting a shag is the ultimate “cool girl” move to make. The style will always be slightly tousled and appears effortless.


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Missing my shag today admiring this babe 😍🦊 #naturalhair #curlygirls #curlyhair #curlybeauties #curlyshag #curlybangs

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