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What is Biotin and What Does it Do for Our Hair Health?

February 28, 2019

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Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, was originally termed vitamin H, with the H standing for Haar und Haut (German for “hair and skin”). Today, all B vitamins, but especially Biotin, are believed to play important roles in keeping hair, skin and nails healthy.

The relationship between your biotin intake and strong, vibrant, healthy hair is not entirely understood, but it is widely accepted that a deficiency in biotin can lead to hair loss and dulled color (presumably from a loss of pigment). However, because a biotin deficiency can be difficult to diagnose, it is often not evident that you’re short on B7 until there are outward symptoms, such as hair shedding, color fading, brittle nails or a scaly skin rash.

To keep from ever getting to that point, it may make sense to routinely integrate foods rich in biotin into your daily diet. A few options: egg yolks, nuts (and nut butters), whole grains, soybeans and other legumes, bananas, cauliflower and mushrooms. For extra insurance, you may also take biotin as a daily supplement. The recommended daily allowance of Biotin is about 30mcg, but because biotin is water soluble, if you do take more than your body needs, it will just be flushed out (thus you needn’t worry about overdoing it).

When applied topically, there is also evidence that biotin may strengthen existing strands and minimize splits and breakage, as well as nourish hair follicles on the scalp, improving the strength, elasticity and durability of new hair growth. At Prose, we subscribe to the thinking that regular use of topical biotin, especially applied in a treatment mask which sits on the scalp and hair for an extended period of time (i.e. ten to twenty minutes), is key to promoting longer, stronger, more vibrant hair. Biotin is often added to custom hair care formulas when clients note they have of weakened or fragile strands, dullness, and/or excessive shedding.


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    1. Hi Suzanne! Our products are completely safe for grey hair! Some of Prose’s best-for-grey-hair ingredients include porphyra algae, which smooths and minimizes fuzzing, and honey, which conditions and nourishes. Check out our blog post, The Key to Maintaining Silver Strands, for tips on how to keep your grey hair gleaming!