5 Go-To Hairstyles for Greasy Hair

When summer temps rise, most of us minimize. Think sleeveless tops, shorter shorts, slides instead of sneakers, barely there makeup, you name it.  The same goes for our hair. Maybe we’re forgoing  heat styling, sweating through our ‘dos, or would just rather spend our time sunbathing versus shampooing. And sure, unwashed, greasy hair might sound like a no-no, but that second-day (or third- and fourth-day) hair can be an asset when it comes to styling. Plus, it gives your mane a much-needed wash break.

Washing too frequently can sometimes dry out your hair and scalp,” says Jessica Burgio, a hairstylist of twenty years, mentor, and founder of the Beauty Inspires Beauty podcast. “Allowing natural oils to nourish your scalp and hair can actually be a good thing. Plus avoiding heat styling daily can save your hair from looking dry and brittle.”

Here, Burgio walks us through five hairstyles for greasy hair.

Table of Contents

    Sleek, slicked-back low ponytail


    A center or side part keeps things polished before you pull it all together at the nape of your neck. If the top needs a little extra gloss, try a drop or two of our hair oil.

    Top knot


    Similar to the sleek low pony, a top knot can streamline unwashed hair, allowing everything else to be the focus, whether that’s your outfit, jewelry, or a dewy fresh face. “This was my signature go-to for post-sweaty gym days where I had five minutes to get ready,” Burgio says.



    Fishtail, french, dutch—whatever your style, braids disguise unwashed hair. Plus, thanks to the extra grit greasy hair has, your plait will have some extra hold to it. Bonus: If you keep  your braids in overnight, you’ll get a little extra wave in your hair the next morning.

    The “wet look”


    This runway-inspired style feels equal parts high-fashion, grunge, and lived-in, but without actually being wet. You can achieve that “damp” look with a few spritzes of sea salt spray or texturizer.

    Wrap or headband


    A hairstyle sometimes doesn’t even have to spotlight hair. Accessorizing with a headband or wrap is an opportunity to lend color or pattern to your outfit without having to worry about clips, hair ties, and styling products.