How to Achieve Heatless Waves

If you aren’t naturally blessed with gravity-defying, glamorous waves, don’t fret. Even the heat-averse among you can make waves. Wavy hair is on-trend, and it’s possible to achieve the look with minimal heat, effort, or expense.  

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    The benefits of heatless waves

    Styling your hair with heat every now and then shouldn’t cause too much damage. Of course, that’s provided you maintain a healthy hair routine and don’t overwash your hair. Using a curling iron every day can burn or harm hair, leading to split ends, breakage, and dullness. Heatless waves are an awesome alternative to deploy at work or school for that casual, yet put-together look.

    On the days you give your hair a rest, consider the following heatless styling ideas. Most require setting overnight, but when you wake up in the morning with picture-perfect glam waves, you’ll be oh so glad you did. 

    1. Heatless twist waves

    Heat wave? No thanks. Heatless waves? Yes, please! In just a few, quick steps you can achieve bouncy, voluminous waves without compromising your hair’s health to heat damage. Let beauty influencer and digital creator, Tara of @tarmarz show you the ropes.

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    2. Heatless paper towel waves 

    For this look, all you need are some hair ties, a roll of paper towels, hairspray, a hairbrush, and a spray bottle of water:

    3. Heatless french braid beach waves

    For these heatless beach waves, all you need are two hair ties and a French braid tutorial if you can’t already do them:

    4. Heatless silk roller glam waves

    Find rollers with a silk coating for extra-glossy heatless waves. Use hair clips, hairspray, and a spray bottle full of water, and you’ve got everything you need for this heatless ‘do. Expect big, loose waves that add volume to hair and frame the face. To get the look:

    5. Heatless toilet paper roll curls

    If you’re on a budget or you simply can’t be bothered to buy rollers, you might be surprised by our suggestion for a replacement: toilet paper rolls. That’s right, you can recycle a finished toilet roll as a magic wand for heatless waves. Grab six to 12 rollers (depending on your hair’s thickness), custom curl cream, some hair clips, and follow these steps:

    6. Heatless bun waves 

    Another easy, breezy route to cute curls is the overnight bun. This method is particularly effective for people with thicker hair, but it works on all hair types. All you need is hair oil and some hair ties to get the look:

    Taking great care of your hair is the only way to get the glossiest, healthiest waves. Get started with a Prose hair consultation today to create your own customized formulas.

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