Vacation Hairstyles & Tips for Saving You Time on Your Trip

Ah, vacation. No work, no cares, no stress—a break from your everyday routine. So, the last thing you want to do is stand in your hotel bathroom fussing with your hair. But you still want to look cute, right? The struggle is real. To help you out, we talked to some hair pros to find out how to spend less time being a slave to your strands and more time enjoying your next vacay. Discover our best vacation hairstyle ideas to try out during your next trip.

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    Arrive with clean hair

    Before you hop on a flight, wash and style your hair as usual. “Starting your vacation with freshly washed hair can buy you a few days before you have to wash it again,” says Michelle Cleveland, a celebrity hairstylist and owner of Hair Addicts Salon in Tom’s River, New Jersey. Bring along dry shampoo and spritz your root area when your hair starts to look oily. After all, it’s perfect beginning to your trip feeling your best with your fresh vacation hair.

    Pack your own products

    Prose products are customized for your exact hair type, texture, and styling habits. So, those one-formula-fits all samples in your hotel shower may only lead to a series of bad hair days. “It’s rare to find quality shampoo and conditioners in most hotels,” says Cleveland. “Bring what you know is good for your hair type,” she says.

    Pump up the conditioner

    If you’re headed to the beach, deep condition your hair before your trip. After a few days in the sun, your hair can start to look fried and become unmanageable—not a good vacation look. By filling in any porous spots along the hair shaft, conditioning treatments fortify your strands, making them less vulnerable to UV rays. During your trip, spritz your hair with a leave-in conditioning treatment before heading into the water or out in the sun. Then pull into a sleek bun. And, of course, don’t forget to pack a hat.

    Embrace your natural texture

    Hotel hair dryers are rarely high-tech, so if you’re planning to straighten and smooth your hair after every wash, it’s going to eat up a lot of your precious time—and possibly inflict a lot of damage. Keep the dryer in the drawer and air dry instead. “Spritz on some sea salt spray and scrunch with your hands to coax out some wave,” says Lori Altomare, a stylist at JD Thomas & Co. Salon in Commack, New York. If you have naturally curly hair, apply a cream-based curl product while hair is still wet and air dry. It will give your curls a softer look and feel (read: not crunchy), says Altomare. “Once dry, you can freshen up ends with a curling iron before dinner for a more polished look,” she says. Smooth frizz and flyaways with a dab of pomade. Natural hairstyles for vacation are perfect for ensuring you can spend your trip relaxing and not stuck inside a hotel room.

    Pack accessories

    Whether your goal is to extend the life of a blowout, or embrace your natural texture, cute hair accessories are a must. “Choose accessories to match your destination,” says Cleveland. Heading someplace warm? Pack headbands, scarves, and hats. “You can go from the beach to a restaurant without washing your hair,” she says. Barrettes and hairpins are key, too. They instantly elevate a basic bun or simple pony. Who said cute vacation hairstyles take up a lot of time and energy? Keep it simple and chic.

    Steal these low-maintenance, vacation-worthy styles

    Go from beach blanket to dinner table with these simple styles—no heat styling required.

    The messy bun 

    It’s chic and doesn’t require a lot of effort, says Cleveland. All you need is an elastic and a few hair pins. Add a scarf to complete the look.


    It’s chic and doesn’t require a lot of effort, says Cleveland. All you need is an elastic and a few hair pins. Add a scarf to complete the look.

    The topknot 


    Like the messy bun, a less-than-perfect knot placed high on the top of your head looks cool and on trend. Try this half-up version.

    Sleek and slick


    It doesn’t get much easier than this clean look, says Altomare. While hair is still wet, apply a dollop of gel from roots to ends. Then comb back into a low ponytail or bun at the nape of the neck.

    Beachy braids 


    Braids add interest, camouflage unruly texture, and detract from a greasy hairline—they’re the ultimate lazy vacation hairstyle. Incorporate several small braids into a ponytail or bun, or pull all your hair into one loose, imperfect plait.

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