6 Ways to Moisturize Dry, Curly Hair in the Winter

Ah, wintertime. The time of year where the temperatures drop, but hot apple cider and limited-time holiday lattes keep us warm while we wait for spring to reemerge and our dry skin to reset. Our skin isn’t the only thing that is affected by the seasonal temperature shifts. Our hair feels it too and we sometimes end up with dry curly hair. Like our skin, we must make sure we care for and sometimes even add new ingredients to help keep our curls and coils looking and feeling their best. Here are a few tips for tackling dry curly hair and keeping your hair journey on track this winter.

Table of Contents

    1. Always sleep in silk or satin

    Ok, yes this sounds bougie. But, for curly and coily hair textures, this is a must-do. For starters, securing your curls at night with silk or satin means more time between wash days. In addition, silk helps hair retain moisture and the natural oils our scalp produces to prevent waking up to dry curly hair. If donning a scarf isn’t for you, try sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. You’ll still reap the same benefits of the fabric’s good-for-you properties, like more moisture retention and undisrupted curl definition. 

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    2. Keep up the deep conditioning

    We get it. It’s easy to skip deep conditioning, especially with cold weather, less sunshine, and the busy schedules we all keep. However, we want to stress the importance of deep conditioning with hydrating ingredients like shea oil, avocado oil, and glycerin. Don’t forget to wear a plastic cap or microwavable conditioning cap to trap the heat your scalp lets off, in turn helping the nutrients better penetrate the hair cuticle. 

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    3. Add steam

    We mentioned adding heat, but steaming coily hair takes hair care up a few notches. Unlike using heat on its own with a deep conditioner, steaming the hair opens the hair cuticle to allow treatments to deeply penetrate the hair fibers. This step is essential for low porosity hair as it has trouble receiving moisture.

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    4. Protect your hair

    Protective styling isn’t just for the  summertime. It’s just as beneficial during colder months. As always, with protective styling, taking care of your scalp by rinsing away build-up is a must. With box braids or twists, since the temperatures are dropping, wrap your hair in microfiber for 20 minutes and then sit under a hood dryer to reset the hair (and prevent catching a cold). 

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    5. Be mindful of cold weather accessories

    It’s hat season, and we’re here for the fashion. However, the friction from wool and cotton hats can dry out the hair. Luckily, brands like Grace Eleyae offer silk-lined hats of all varieties, including knit and structured wide-brimmed hats. 

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    6. Pre-poo your lengths

    Pre-pooing might make you sigh and say, “Another step?” Again, we get it. But, pre-pooing is actually a step that doesn’t add any time to your wash day if you apply your oil or product of choice overnight. Not to mention, this little step helps prevent hygral fatigue (damage to hair follicles caused by swelling from excessive moisture) while conditioning the hair before you even start your wash day routine. 

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    Wrap up

    Keeping your curls moisturized is always key to having healthy, bouncy hair. When winter hits and the air is stripped of humidity, dry curly hair can emerge. However, armed with these six tips you’ll be able to transition your hair into winter without missing a beat.