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2022 Fall Hair Color Trends

August 23, 2022

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This fall is all about layers of color, creative and unusual shades and accentuated natural tones. From quirky looks to subtle classic aesthetics, there are plenty of options to experiment with. Below we explore the most in-demand fall hair color trends and offer advice for keeping your look fresh. 

Top 9 2022 Fall Hair Colors

Whether you want to completely transform your entire look or add dimension to your natural shade, there’s a fall hair color to suit. 

1. Redhead

Zendaya in Euphoria and Sadie Sink in Stranger Things are two of the biggest inspirations of this year’s redhead trend but don’t worry if those tones don’t sing to you. The beauty of red hair lies in the fact that there’s a perfect shade for every skin tone, eye color and preference. 

2. Anime Pink

Bold, bright colors are huge in 2022, and so is pink — bring the two together, and you have one of the fall’s most hyped color trends. You’d usually need to bleach your hair to go pink, so use a mask to protect your scalp and a shampoo customized to your (new) hair color. 

3. Expensive Brunette

Hailey Bieber is largely credited with mainstreaming “expensive brunette.” While summer was all about expensive blonde, fall is seeing more focus on rich brown undertones and subtle blonde highlights.

The more minimal you go, the better. Highlight a few strands around the face, part and ends, and you’ve mastered this high-value aesthetic.     

4. Purple Ombré

Another bold color we’re excited about for fall is purple against a natural backdrop. Whether you’re blonde, red, brunette — or even have jet-black hair — there’s a shade of purple to suit. Some creative folks are going all out and fading from purple into pink or peach, while others are sticking to a simple two-tone colorblock. 

5. Cali-cool 

We all know that California girls are unforgettable, but now you can get the look wherever you’re from. Cali highlights are all about maintaining a beachy, sun-kissed aesthetic, whatever the weather.

Strategically placed icy-blonde wispy highlights lift dark blonde hair. It looks put-together and polished but is one of the most low-maintenance looks on the list. Be sure to use plenty of leave-in conditioner to protect fully dyed locks.

6. Cashmere Blonde

Whether blondes have more fun is a controversial topic, but there’s no doubt that it’s never going out of fashion. Multi-tonal blonde is huge this fall, and these soft, honey tones are overtaking the paler shades that were popular during summer. 

7. Nude and Blush Tones

Rose gold, pale peach and Cara Delevigne-style nude are some of fall 2022’s hottest colors. Whether you opt to ombre, balayage or go full-head, these whimsical shades look effortlessly cool and great with autumnal fashion. Wear these tones with burgundy, beige and dusky pink for a coordinated look.

8. Copper Fade

Bright copper is possibly fall’s most sought-after shade of red, especially when faded into blonde or peach at the ends. Copper is a magical hue, as it works with almost any skin tone and is practically guaranteed to turn heads.  

Speaking of turning heads — if standing out from the crowd is a priority, rainbow unicorn hair could be your dream fall hair color. It’s not a low-maintenance look, and regular hair masks are a must, but the multicolored balayage is a big deal this fall. You don’t need to limit yourself to pastel shades either — go as bright, vibrant and bold as you dare. 

Tips for Keeping Your Fall Hair Color Vibrant

Your hair looks bomb when you step out of the salon or complete your at-home dye job, but color can fade quickly if you don’t take care of it. Here are some quick tips for maintaining that freshly colored vibe:

  • Go above and beyond shampooing and conditioning hair, and add masks, hair oil, leave-in conditioner and custom hair supplements
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water and use the coldest temperature tolerable to prevent the color from appearing faded, dry and dull
  • Ideally, you’d let your hair air-dry to lock in color — but if blow-drying is a must, use the lowest heat setting and keep the nozzle at least 3 inches from your hair


Finding a new hair color that you love lets you start fresh and feel amazing. Be sure to protect your locks by using products formulated for you!


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