Demi vs. Semi-Permanent Hair Color: Know the Difference

Considering a fresh new color for your hair but on the fence between demi vs. semi-permanent hair color? Whether you’re trusting a stylist for your hair color needs or going the DIY route in your home bathroom, choosing the right hair color type helps ensure your satisfaction and happiness with your results. This guide on the differences between demi and semi-permanent hair color can help.

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    What Is Demi-Permanent Hair Color? 

    Demi-permanent hair dye is ideal for people seeking a temporary change in the color of their hair, wanting to refresh their current hair color or looking to blend grays or tone their highlights. Less damaging to the hair’s structure than conventional hair dye, demi-permanent color does not contain ammonia and, instead, relies on peroxide to lift pigment on the hair’s outer cuticles. This means it doesn’t penetrate the shaft of the hair, so the color change is not as long-lasting as semi-permanent formulas. 

    Choose demi-permanent hair color if you are looking to change your color from a warm to cool or cool to warm shade. It is also the ideal type of hair dye for covering grays that start to crop up as a result of aging, making it look like you have highlights. Additionally, if you’re looking to refresh the color of your hair’s ends or brighten up blonde locks that have turned brassy or dull, demi-permanent hair color is a staple product for achieving these results. 

    What Is Semi-Permanent Hair Color?

    Scared of commitment or looking to maintain the color of your hair in between visits to the salon? Is this your first time dipping your toes into the world of hair color? Or do you want to just test out a color prior to committing to it, thereby steering clear of hair color mistakes? Semi-permanent hair color may be your best bet. 

    Semi-permanent hair color tends to add vibrancy and depth while enriching the hair’s tone. Semi-permanent hair color is also called deposit-only color and may be marketed as a hair gloss or hair stain. No developer is required for semi-permanent hair color; it’s simply applied to freshly shampooed hair.

    Consider semi-permanent hair color to give hair that was already color treated a refresh. This is particularly true if you have red hair because it tends to fade quickly. It can also reduce the look of yellowing seen in dyed blonde hair and help rid brunettes of the brassy or reddish tones that may crop up when hair color starts to fade. 

    Unsure if those bold, on-trend hair colors are right for you? If that’s the case, go for semi-permanent hair color for a temporary change to your hair that does minimal or no damage to the structure of the hair. The least risky for people who are unsure about color choice, semi-permanent hair dye quickly washes out in five to 12 shampoos if you decide that the shade you selected isn’t working for you.

    Demi vs. Semi-Permanent Hair Color vs. Permanent Hair Color

    Permanent hair dye is also an option, but as the name suggests, permanent hair color lasts longer than both demi and semi-permanent options. Permanent hair color combines both hydrogen peroxide and ammonia and works by lifting the hair’s natural color. This results in a structural change to your tresses’ keratin and melanin, allowing the dye to cling to the hair and give it the color you’re looking to achieve. 

    Permanent hair color is not actually permanent; it lasts up to 8 weeks, as a general rule. When using it, the roots of the hair usually require touch-ups. If you’re looking for gray coverage, permanent hair color usually does a fabulous job.

    Special, Customized Care for Color-Treated Hair

    For a temporary color boost without the long term commitment, choosing between demi and semi permanent hair color ultimately depends on how long you want your hair color to last. The shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments you choose matter and can dramatically impact how long your color lasts, how vibrant it remains and how healthy it is overall. Discover the best possible formula for your color-treated hair with a Prose hair care consultation from the experts.

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