The Best Hair Color for Skin Tone

Choosing the best hair color for skin tone can be a challenge, but luckily, there are some handy tips to follow to find the very best hue for your locks. Knowing your skin tone and undertones can help you match your complexion to your hair color so your next dye job turns out spectacular. And with the right hair products for color-treated hair from Prose, you can keep your new color looking its best longer.

Whether you’re working with a stylist or coloring your hair at home, the best hair color for you is one that meets your vision for the look you want to achieve and that plays well with your skin coloring and your skin’s undertones. As a general rule, people with cool skin tones should go for cool colors, while those with warm skin tones should opt for warm tones.

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    Knowing Your Skin Tone and Undertones: Neutral, Warm or Cool, Which Are You?

    There are three different skin undertones, and your hair color should complement these hues: neutral, warm and cool. Whether your skin tone is fair, medium or dark, you may still have a neutral, warm or cool undertone. So, which do you have? These tips can help you determine which undertones you have so you can find the perfect color for your hair:

    Which Hair Color Is Right for You, Based on Skin Tone?

    Now that you have a better idea about what colors are most prevalent in your skin, it’s time to choose the best hair color for your skin tone. If you’re a “cool,” look for shades of your desired color in champagne, platinum and ash to help tone down any brassy color in your hair. If you’re a “warm”, consider warmer hair colors like bronze, copper or golden hues.

    For light skin with cool undertones, go for shades like ash blonde, strawberry blonde, silver or true red. Light skin with warm undertones looks best with colors like copper, gray, golden blonde, mocha or mahogany. Neutral undertones with light skin should opt for colors like caramel, mushroom brown and mocha.

    For medium-toned skin with cool undertones, opt for chestnut brown, taupe or eggplant. If your skin is medium and you have warm undertones, golden or chestnut brown, true black and true brunette are ideal hair color shades. Neutral undertones with light skin? Go for honey brown, copper, rich brown or rose gold.

    Dark skin and cool undertones? Hair colors like espresso and ash blonde are great choices. Warm undertones? Opt for sun-kissed brunette, deep copper or honey blonde balayage. Neutral undertones on dark skin play well with cream blonde, copper, rich brown or jet black hair color.

    Caring for Your New Color

    Now that you’ve got the color of your dreams that best suits your skin tone and undertones, it’s time to make plans for caring for your new color and pampering your hair. Prose offers a free hair care consultation to help you get the best formula for your colored tresses so your color stays vital, truer and brilliant longer. Find out how to get a customized formula for your color-treated hair from the experts at Prose.

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