Clean Beauty for the Environment and You

We don’t consider clean beauty to be a buzzy trend to hop on, we believe that it is an important movement that we’re proud to be a part of and is not to be taken lightly.

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    The practice of clean beauty

    We put clean beauty standards to practice via our ingredients in three main ways: safety, efficacy and responsible sourcing. We ensure that our ingredients are safe for consumers to use by always formulating without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils or other common ingredients that research has shown to be hormone disruptors or linked to adverse health effects. We practice efficacy by way of ongoing research that allows us to update your formulas with the most up-to-date and effective ingredients available. And finally, our ingredients’ origins are extremely important to us. All of our ingredients are sourced directly by our in-house Research and Development team and put through rigorous efficacy testing.

    Ingredient deep dives

    Speaking of ingredient sourcing, during Parsing Prose, we highlighted a few of our favorites and shared where they hail from as well as what exactly they do for your hair. Maracuja oil was up first. You’ll find this ingredient in Prose conditioner and custom hair oil. Our maracuja oil is sourced from Casma, Peru, a city just north of Lima and is amazing for those dealing with breakage, as it strengthens and protects from external aggressors. We also called out our Kalahari melon oil, found in our custom hair oil, for its deeply nourishing properties. Our supplier sources melons from fair trade producers, including a woman’s cooperative. The seeds are dried and cold pressed to extract the oil before filtering to remove any deposits and ensure homogeneity.

    Maca root was also given the spotlight for its uncanny ability to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. Maca root can be found in our pre-shampoo mask and shampoo. Ours is sourced from a B-Corp certified supplier in Junin, the capital of Maca. Acacia collagen was the last ingredient we called out during Parsing Prose and it can be found in our entire core range: pre-shampoo mask, shampoo and conditioner. Acacia collagen is amazing for people seeking shine and hydration. Ours is harvested from Acacia Senegal trees in the Sahel region of Africa.

    If you’re interested in reading up on all of our ingredients, be sure to check out our Ingredient Glossary that’s live on our website for you to review at any time.

    Behind the scenes with our in-house R&D team

    Prose is a rarity within the beauty industry in that we have an in-house Research and Development team, comprised of six amazing chemists and formulators, who test all of our ingredients and formulas to determine the most effective combination, develop new products and source ingredients directly from suppliers. Typically, beauty companies do not develop and manufacture their products in-house, which means that most products on the market are created by private-label manufacturers. What this means for consumers is you may be paying a premium for a stock formula with a fancy brand-name attached. Not ideal.

    Prose’s in-house R&D team ensures that your products are always made with the most ethical and effective ingredients possible. Plus, we follow EU standards (who have banned 1,328 ingredients as opposed to the FDA’s 11), so you can feel secure in knowing that your hair care ingredients don’t contain any potentially health-hindering nasties. Healthy, beautiful hair doesn’t have to come with compromise.

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