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The 5 Must Have Products That Will Help Your Hair Survive Winter

January 13, 2020

4 Min read

With harsh weather outside and dry heat indoors leaving our hair dehydrated and staticy, it’s important to give hair some extra TLC in winter. That means the products and ingredients that you use on your hair should be extra hydrating and protective. With an endless amount of options on the market, choosing a reasonable amount of products to help you do the deed can be a challenge. Here, we’ve gathered a list of the five essential products your hair needs to survive this winter. With these products you’ll be sure to notice a difference and your locks will thank you.

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Moisturizing pre-shampoo mask

Just like treatments and masks that hydrate and give your skin a boost, hair masks help give your hair shine, tame frizz, and repair split ends, all while giving your strands an extra dose of hydration. Pollution, other environmental factors, and the mix between harsh winter air and hot indoor heating causes drier-looking strands. Look for masks with ingredients such as honey, sacha inchi seed oil, argan oil, and jojoba seed oil which helps to nourish and prevent hair from becoming dry, brittle and dull.

The Prose custom pre-shampoo mask contains the highest concentration of active ingredients specifically for your hair concerns and goals. Each ingredient is specifically chosen to make the most of your weekly treatment and provide your strands with the nourishment it needs. Plus, no need to worry about being left with greasy or limp strands since this mask comes before you cleanse.

Sulfate-free shampoo

Unless your strands absolutely call for it—shampooing too often is not necessary, especially during colder months. Those who struggle with an itchy and flaky scalp may even benefit from cleansing less and when they do cleanse, should choose a sulfate-free product. Sulfates tend to be aggressive on the scalp and strip the scalp of its natural oils. For those with a sensitive scalp, removing sulfates from their daily hair routine greatly benefits the condition of their scalp and prevents unwanted side-effects such as irritation and dryness.

Those who struggle with an excess amount of sebum production can regulate their natural oils with natural active ingredients. Kale extract helps to balance the production of sebum while helping to maintain the moisture of locks and scalp without becoming overly greasy.

Heat-protecting product

Between heat styling for parties and blow drying to avoid going outside with wet hair, we’ll take all the heat protection we can get during this season. The Prose custom pre-shampoo mask and conditioner both contain active ingredients depending on your consultation answers. Ingredients, such as grape seed extract, which helps to prevent damage to the hair due to the overuse of heat tools, and soy amino acids and wheat amino acids (which are keratin-like amino acids that can be found naturally in hair) provide the best nutrients to fight against heat damage.

Hair oil

A hair oil is essential for concerns that involve damage and dryness especially during cold and dry months. If you find that a leave-in conditioner just isn’t providing the hydration you’re looking for, then a hair oil is the answer. Apply a pea-size amount of a lightweight oil to your strands from your your cheekbones down to ends to ensure that your hair won’t feel weighed down.

Oils are great as a deep conditioning treatment as well. Using oils such as shea or argan 20-30 minutes before cleansing with a sulfate-free shampoo will give your strands the boost of hydration they need.

Leave-in conditioner

Using a conditioner after cleansing is not always enough. If you’ve noticed your strands are quite porous and absorb products too quickly, then a light leave-in conditioner could help moisturize your strands without leaving behind an oily residue. A leave-in conditioner also helps to combat against staticy hairbeing that it neutralizes the charge in your strands that can cause your hair to lift.

For even more hydration, applying both a leave-in conditioner and hair oil is the perfect way to lock in moisture while also protecting your tresses from hair aggressors.

Pro Tip: For static hair, try rubbing dryer sheets on your strands. You can even carry a few sheets with you for an on-the-go fix, or keep a travel sized leave-in conditioner in your bag.



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